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ClothingChild's triple-breasted black wool tunicc1875-1880  1
ClothingUSMC Centennial child's red band jacket, size 1c1875-1876  2
FootwearChild's leather bootsc1880-1900  3
HeadgearChild's US Army Indian Wars officer’s kepic1880-1895  4
HeadgearChild's black velvet chapeau brasc1881  5
Edged WeaponImperial German child's saber, with etched bladec1890-1918  6
Edged WeaponImperial German steel-mounted child's sword (Kindersabel)c1890-1918  7
EquipmentGerman child's fur tornisterc1895-1945  8
EquipmentPrussian M1895 belt buckle for a childc1895-1914  9
ClothingImperial German Army Kindermantelc1896-1908  10
ClothingSpanish-American War-era child's US Army fatigue blousec1898-1915  11
ClothingBlack Zouave jacket with red lace, for a childc1900-1920  12
ClothingBlue Zouave waistcoat front, with red trim and brass buttonsc1900-1920  13
ClothingChild's Hussar tunic (British?)c1900-1930  14
Edged WeaponChild's Imperial Prussian Infantry Officer's sword, M1889, WKCc1900-1920  15
Edged WeaponChild's sword, crowned-eagle guard c1900-1920  16
Edged WeaponGerrman Army child's sword (Kindersäbel)c1900-1945  17
Edged WeaponImperial German Army EM/NCO child's saber (Kindersäbel)c1900-1945  18
Edged WeaponImperial German brass-hilted child's sword (Kindersabel)c1900-1918  19
Edged WeaponM1860 Staff Officer child's swordc1900-1918  20
ClothingSpanish-American War era child's Army jacketc1900-1918  21
Edged WeaponUnknown child's naval officer's swordc1900-1918  22
Edged WeaponChild's Imperial German Lionhead sword, Hermann Müller1908  23
ToyChild's toy suit of armorc1910-1931  24
ClothingRed and black Zouave jacket, for a childc1910-1912  25
ClothingUnknown uniform coat for a child, American-made Colombian buttonsc1910-1920  26
ClothingChild's U.S. Army WWI tunic and breeches, with no insigniac1916-1925  27
ClothingChild's WWI tunic and shortsc1917-1930  28
ClothingUS Army 2nd Lieutenant's medical jacket with Ambulance Service SSIc1917-1925  29
ClothingChild's British Army service dress uniformc1918-2000  30
HeadgearChild's doughboy army helmet, single-holec1918-1943  31
HeadgearChild's doughboy army helmet, slottedc1918-1943  32
HeadgearChild's Doughboy helmet, camouflagec1918-1943  33
ClothingChild's WWI cotton US Army tunic, 1st Ohio Infantryc1918-1930  34
ClothingChild's Reichsmarine or Kriegsmarine jacket and collarc1919-1945  35
ClothingChild's Reichsmarine or Kriegsmarine uniformc1919-1945  36
ClothingChild's Reichsmarine or Kriegsmarine uniform, signals?c1919-1945  37
HeadgearChild's blue wool aviator cap, "Prince of Wales"c1920-1935  38
HeadgearChild's cotton US Army officer's capc1920-1940  39
HeadgearChild's steel Doughboy helmetc1920-1940  40
HeadgearBoy's Army cap of Thomas Nichol, Jr.c1926  41
ClothingBoy's Army uniform of Thomas Nichol, Jr.c1926  42
FootwearBoy's leather gaiters of Thomas Nichol, Jr.c1926  43
EquipmentBoy's Sam Browne belt of Thomas Nichol, Jr.c1926  44
HeadgearChild's nickel-plated play helmetc1930  45
HeadgearChild's pith helmetc1930-1950  46
ClothingChild's snow suit "uniform"c1930-1950  47
ClothingChild's U.S. Army play uniform set, with hatc1930-1940  48
ToyFrandine Model C rubber band gunc1930  49
ClothingImperial Japanese Army Type 5 winter tunic for a small childc1930-1938  50
ClothingLight brown double-breasted play uniform for a childc1930-1940  51
ClothingPre-WWII USMC dress blue uniform, for a childc1930-1940  52
ClothingChild's pinks & greens Army uniform, "SMAL-FRi"c1939-1950  53
ClothingChild's "pinks and greens" uniform setc1940-1945  54
ClothingGabardine aviator's coat for a child, with bullion wings, The Palace Clothiersc1940-1945  55
ClothingGabardine aviator's uniform for a child, with bullion wings, Kerr Dry Goods Co.c1940-1945  56
HeadgearMarx Toys "Fighting Squadron" steel helmetc1940-1950  57
ClothingYoung child's blue wool US Navy peacoatc1940-1960  58
ClothingChild's Army Air Corps wool uniformc1941-1945* 59
HeadgearChild's khaki overseas cap, "KEEP 'EM FLYING"c1941-1945  60
ClothingChild's U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division uniformc1941-1945  61
HeadgearChild's U.S. Army capc1941-1945  62
HeadgearChild's U.S. Army cap, small insigniac1941-1945  63
ClothingChild's U.S. Army double-breasted coatc1941-1945  64
ClothingChild's U.S. Army jacket, with Pearl Harbor pin, 78th IDc1941-1945  65
ClothingChild's U.S. Army Major's uniform coatc1941-1945  66
ClothingChild's U.S. Navy wool peacoatc1941-1960  67
ClothingChild's US Army uniform and cap, cottonc1941-1950  68
ClothingChild's US Navy blue jumper, Radioman submarinerc1941-1947  69
FootwearChild's brown leather two-buckle Army bootsc1942-1950* 70
ClothingUSMC winter service uniform, for a childc1942-1945  71
ClothingChild's U.S. Navy WWII pilot's uniform setc1943-1950  72
ClothingArmy Air Corps uniform grouping of child, Jeanne M. Pryorc1944  73
HeadgearChild's toy helmet liner conversionc1945-1950  74
HeadgearChild's toy helmet liner conversion, paintedc1945-1950  75
ClothingChild's U.S. Army green HBT shirtc1945-1955  76
ClothingChild's US Army "Ike" jacket, German-madec1945-1955  77
ClothingUS Army T/5 Signal Corps uniform, for a child, SHAEFc1945  78
ClothingChild's USMC dress blue uniform costumec1946-1970  79
ClothingChild's USMC dress blues uniform (cotton)c1946-1970  80
ClothingUS Army uniform for a child, German-made1946  81
HeadgearChild's khaki overseas capc1948  82
FootwearBoy's shoes, associated with Thomas Nichol, Jr. groupingc1950-1960  83
ClothingChild's blue cotton sailor's outfitc1950* 84
ClothingChild's blue wool sailor's outfitc1950* 85
ClothingChild's US Army Sergeant First Class' shirtc1950-1970  86
ClothingChild's white cotton sailor's outfitc1950* 87
ClothingChild's Army fatigue uniform, Montana National Guard, Jonesc1952-1965  88
ClothingChild's 1960s US Army uniformc1955-1976* 89
ClothingChild's Belgian artillery uniform and flagc1957  90
ToyChild's toy holster, "U.S. MILITARY POLICE"c1960  91
ClothingChild's US Air Force green fatigue uniform, Gordnerc1960-1980  92
ClothingChild's US Army green fatigue shirt, 82nd and Infantry School, Justinc1960-1980  93
ClothingChild's US Army green fatigue uniform, 82nd and Infantry School, Joshuac1960-1980  94
ClothingChild's Chinese Type 65 enlisted uniform shirtc1965-2000* 95
ClothingChild's duck-hunting camouflage shirt, Walshc1965-1970  96
ClothingChild's tiger stripe shirt, with snapsc1965-1975  97
ClothingChild's ERDL camouflage shirtc1968-1975  98
ClothingChild's 2nd Infantry Division Sergeant Major fatigue setc1970  99
ClothingChild's duck-hunting USAF camouflage set, Kirkc1970  100
ClothingChild's Soviet Army private's shirtc1970-1980  101
ClothingSpecial Forces First Sergeant overalls for a childc1970-1975  102
ClothingTiger Stripe flight suit for a child, USAF Lieutenant Colonelc1970  103
ClothingChild's tiger stripe set, ripstopc1975-1980  104
ClothingChild's Civil War M1855 cavalry shell jacketc1980-2020* 105
ClothingBoy's BDU jacket, Rothcoc1990-2000  106
ClothingWWII US Army paratrooper jump uniform, for a childc2000-2020  107
Edged WeaponChild's lionhead sword with brass handguard  108
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