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HeadgearChild's US Army Indian Wars officer’s kepic1880-1895  1
Edged WeaponImperial German child's saber, with etched bladec1890-1918  2
Edged WeaponImperial German steel-mounted child's sword (Kindersabel)c1890-1918  3
ClothingImperial German Army Kindermantelc1896-1908  4
ClothingSpanish-American War-era child's US Army fatigue blousec1898-1915  5
Edged WeaponGerrman Army child's sword (Kindersäbel)c1900-1945  6
Edged WeaponImperial German Army EM/NCO child's saber (Kindersäbel)c1900-1945  7
Edged WeaponImperial German brass-hilted child's sword (Kindersabel)c1900-1918  8
Edged WeaponM1860 Staff Officer child's swordc1900-1918  9
Edged WeaponUnknown child's naval officer's swordc1900-1918  10
ToyChild's toy suit of armorc1910-1931  11
ClothingChild's WWI tunic and shortsc1917-1930  12
HeadgearChild's doughboy army helmet, single-holec1918-1943  13
HeadgearChild's doughboy army helmet, slottedc1918-1943  14
HeadgearChild's Doughboy helmet, camouflagec1918-1943  15
ClothingChild's Reichsmarine or Kriegsmarine uniformc1919-1945  16
ClothingImperial Japanese Army Type 5 winter tunic for a small childc1930-1938  17
ClothingChild's "pinks and greens" uniform setc1940-1945  18
ClothingChild's Army Air Corps wool uniformc1941-1945* 19
ClothingChild's US Army uniform and cap, cottonc1941-1950  20
ClothingChild's US Navy blue jumper, Radioman submarinerc1941-1947  21
ClothingArmy Air Corps uniform grouping of child, Jeanne M. Pryorc1944  22
HeadgearChild's toy helmet liner conversionc1945-1950  23
ClothingChild's US Army "Ike" jacket, German-madec1945-1955  24
ClothingChild's blue cotton sailor's outfitc1950* 25
ClothingChild's blue wool sailor's outfitc1950* 26
ClothingChild's US Army Sergeant First Class' shirtc1950-1970  27
ClothingChild's white cotton sailor's outfitc1950* 28
ClothingChild's 1960s US Army uniformc1955-1976* 29
ClothingChild's Belgian artillery uniform and flagc1957  30
ClothingChild's Chinese Type 65 enlisted uniform shirtc1965-2000* 31
ClothingChild's Civil War M1855 cavalry shell jacketc1980-2020* 32
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