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ToolA. G. Mead Stationers' Stamping Pressc1873-1885  1
ToolH.B. Rouse & Co Lead and Rule cutterc1900-1925  2
ToolChandler & Price New Series 10x15 Printing Pressc1912  3
ToolPrinting Furniture Cabinetc1930-1960  4
Printing TypePrinting block, flowerc1950  5
Printing TypePrinting block, Grand Army of the Republicc1950  6
Printing TypePrinting block, palm treesc1950  7
Printing TypePrinting block, pointing handc1950  8
Printing TypePrinting block, Scotsman with a pipec1950  9
Printing TypeBox of continuous border typec1970  10
Printing TypePrinting block, sailing shipc1970  11
Printing Type12pt border, Skyline #1313c2021  12
Printing Type18pt grapevine border, Skyline #675c2021  13
Printing Type8-on-12pt border, Skyline #497c2021  14
Printing Type12pt Border No. G-46, Skyline Type Foundry  15
Printing Type24pt Border No. 1562, Skyline Type Foundry  16
Printing Type24pt Caslon Old Style Italic Swash #471, ATF* 17
Printing Type48pt Virkotype Combination Monograms* 18
Printing Type8pt Caslon Old Style (?) type* 19
Printing TypeCollection No. 10, Skyline Type Foundry  20
EquipmentHamilton #3045 Quarter Size Rule Case, with brass rule* 21
EquipmentHamilton No. 3045 Quarter Size Rule Case, with reglets  22
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