HC&M: Chandler & Price New Series 10x15 Printing Press

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Name Chandler & Price New Series 10x15 Printing Press

Catalog ID HCM4547
Year circa 1912
Description "New Series" 10x15 platen press, made of cast iron, with one chase. Serial number C51572. Front marked "THE CHANDLER & PRICE CO. | CLEVELAND, OHIO, U.S.A."

The press weighs 1,500 pounds, according to the catalog.

Also includes the following accessories:

Northwestern Electric Co A-K Variable Speed Brush Shift 1/2 H.P. Motor. "2000/600 R.P.M.". Data plate also says "?AB3 TYPE 1 PHASE M3047 SPEC.". Can be run at 110V (7A) or 220V (3.5A). Serial number 60233.

Floor-standing "Northwestern Electric Company Variable Speed Press Controller".

Steel base on castors.

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