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Book"Fairchild - for Photography from the Air"c1936* 1
EquipmentMagazine, Film, Type A-4, in box, with broken sealc1937-1940* 2
ObjectHamilton "Bomb Timer" dialc1940* 3
OpticsMovie camera for gun camerasc1940* 4
OpticsUSN Gun Camera Mark VI Mod. 3 with transit case1940* 5
OpticsUSN Gun Camera, Mark VI, Model 31940  6
OpticsGun Camera, W-7B (US Type H-3)1941  7
BookTM 1-505 "Aircraft Cameras (Machine Gun)"1941  8
BookTO 10-10-8 "Handbook of Instructions with Parts Catalog for the Type H-3 Aircraft Gun Camera"c1941-1942* 9
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