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Insignia26th Infantry "Yankee Division" Division SSIc1940-1945  1
Insignia35th Infantry "Santa Fe" Division SSIc1940-1945  2
Insignia37th Infantry "Buckeye" Division SSIc1940-1945  3
Insignia37th Infantry "Buckeye" Division SSI, no green borderc1940-1945  4
Insignia8th Infantry Division SSIc1940-1945  5
Insignia1st Armored Division SSI, green-backc1941-1945* 6
Insignia1st Army SSIc1941-1945  7
Insignia1st Army SSI (#2)c1941-1945* 8
Insignia1st Army SSI (#3)c1941-1945* 9
Insignia1st Army SSI (#4) frayedc1941-1945* 10
Insignia1st Army SSI (#5) c1941-1945* 11
Insignia1st Cavalry Division SSIc1941-1945* 12
Insignia27th Infantry Division SSI, black backc1941-1946* 13
Insignia27th Infantry Division SSI, OD border and backc1941-1946* 14
Insignia2nd Army SSIc1941-1945* 15
Insignia2nd Army SSI (#2)c1941-1945* 16
Insignia2nd Army SSI (#3)c1941-1945* 17
Insignia2nd Army SSI (#4)c1941-1945* 18
Insignia2nd Cavalry Division SSIc1941-1944* 19
Insignia3rd Army SSI, greenback/borderc1941-1945* 20
Insignia44th Infantry Division SSI, greenbackc1941-1945* 21
Insignia4th Army SSIc1941-1945* 22
Insignia4th Army SSI, greenbackc1941-1943* 23
Insignia4th Service Command SSIc1941-1950* 24
Insignia6th Army SSI (late)c1941-1945  25
Insignia6th Corps Area Service Command SSIc1941-1945* 26
Insignia7th Corps Area Service Command SSIc1941-1945  27
Insignia7th Infantry Division SSI, greenbackc1941-1945* 28
Insignia9th Infantry Division SSI, on cardc1941-1946* 29
InsigniaHawaiian Department or Central Pacific Base Command SSIc1941-1945* 30
InsigniaIX Corps SSIc1941-1950* 31
InsigniaPanama Canal Department SSIc1941-1947  32
InsigniaReplacement and School Command SSIc1941-1945* 33
InsigniaReplacement and School Command SSI (#2) shrunkenc1941-1945* 34
InsigniaReplacement and School Command SSI (#4)c1941-1950* 35
InsigniaSouthern Defense Command SSIc1941-1945* 36
InsigniaVII Corps SSI (early)c1941-1944* 37
Insignia10th Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 38
Insignia11th Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 39
Insignia12th Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 40
Insignia12th Air Force SSI (2nd example)c1942-1945* 41
Insignia13th Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 42
Insignia1st Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 43
Insignia1st Air Force SSI, unusedc1942-1945* 44
Insignia1st Air Force SSI, usedc1942-1945* 45
Insignia1st Coast Artillery District SSIc1942-1947* 46
Insignia2nd Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 47
Insignia2nd Air Force SSI, fully-embroideredc1942-1945* 48
Insignia3rd Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 49
Insignia4th Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 50
Insignia4th Air Force SSI, fully-embroideredc1942-1945* 51
Insignia5th Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 52
Insignia6th Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 53
Insignia6th Army SSI (early)c1942-1945* 54
Insignia76th Infantry Division SSI, German-made, blue-backc1942-1945* 55
Insignia7th Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 56
Insignia82nd Airborne Division SSI with tab, errorc1942-1950* 57
Insignia94th Infantry Division SSIc1942-1956* 58
Insignia9th Air Force SSIc1942-1945* 59
Insignia9th Armored Division SSIc1942-1943  60
InsigniaAlaskan Air Command SSIc1942-1945* 61
InsigniaAntiaircraft Command SSIc1942-1945* 62
InsigniaArmy Air Forces SSIc1942-1945* 63
InsigniaEngineer Special Brigade SSIc1942-1946  64
InsigniaWashington Military District SSIc1942-1950  65
InsigniaXI Corps SSIc1942-1945* 66
Insignia102nd Infantry Division SSIc1943-1950* 67
Insignia102nd Infantry Division SSI (#2)c1943-1945* 68
Insignia103rd Infantry Division SSIc1943-1950* 69
Insignia104th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1950* 70
Insignia12th Armored Division SSI, green-backc1943  71
Insignia13th Armored Division SSIc1943-1945  72
Insignia1st Armored Division SSI, ribbedc1943-1945  73
Insignia1st Marine Division SSI, glue on backc1943-1946* 74
Insignia1st Marine Division SSI, machine sewn thread remnants c1943-1946* 75
Insignia26th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1950* 76
Insignia2nd Air Force SSI (#3)c1943-1945* 77
Insignia2nd Air Force SSI (#4)c1943-1945* 78
Insignia2nd Air Force SSI (#5)c1943-1945* 79
Insignia2nd Air Force SSI (#6)c1943-1945* 80
Insignia2nd Armored Division SSIc1943-1950* 81
Insignia2nd Marine Division SSIc1943-1946* 82
Insignia2nd Marine Division SSI variation, gold handc1943-1945* 83
Insignia2nd Marine Division SSI variation, red 2 shifted to the leftc1943-1946* 84
Insignia31st Infantry "Dixie" Division SSIc1943-1945* 85
Insignia3rd Infantry Division SSIc1943-1950* 86
Insignia3rd Marine Division SSIc1943-1945* 87
Insignia40th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1950* 88
Insignia40th Infantry Division SSI (#2)c1943-1950* 89
Insignia4th Marine Division SSIc1943-1945* 90
Insignia5th Armored Division SSIc1943-1945  91
Insignia5th Army SSIc1943-1945  92
Insignia5th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1945* 93
Insignia63rd Infantry Division SSIc1943-50* 94
Insignia65th Infantry "Battle-Axe" Division SSIc1943-1945  95
Insignia65th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1950* 96
Insignia65th Infantry Division SSI (#4)c1943-1950* 97
Insignia65th Infantry Division SSI (dirty)c1943-1950* 98
Insignia66th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1950* 99
Insignia6th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1945* 100
Insignia70th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1945* 101
Insignia70th Infantry Division SSI (little white on back)c1943-1950* 102
Insignia71st Infantry Division SSI, heavy-white backc1943-1950* 103
Insignia75th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1945* 104
Insignia7th Army SSIc1943-1950* 105
Insignia7th Army SSI (#2)c1943-1950* 106
Insignia83rd Infantry Division SSIc1943-50* 107
Insignia86th Infantry "Black Hawk" Division SSIc1943-1950* 108
Insignia88th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1950* 109
Insignia8th Armored Division SSIc1943-1945  110
Insignia95th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1945  111
Insignia95th Infantry Division SSI, German-madec1943-1945  112
Insignia96th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1945  113
Insignia97th Infantry Division SSIc1943-1950* 114
InsigniaAlaskan Department SSIc1943-1950* 115
InsigniaAntiaircraft Artillery Command, Western Defense Command SSIc1943-1950* 116
InsigniaArmy Service Force SSIc1943-1950* 117
InsigniaArmy Service Force SSI (#2)c1943-1950* 118
InsigniaArmy Service Force SSI (#3)c1943-1950* 119
InsigniaArmy Service Force SSI (#4)c1943-1950* 120
InsigniaUNKNOWN blue-white squares SSIc1943-1950* 121
InsigniaUNKNOWN SSI, white/blue quartered disc with OD border.c1943-1945  122
InsigniaXV Corps SSIc1943-1950  123
Insignia15th Army SSIc1944-1950* 124
Insignia2nd Marine Division SSI, large handle, thin-2 (Richards)c1944-1945* 125
Insignia6th Marine Division SSIc1944-1946* 126
Insignia70th Infantry "Trailblazer" Division SSIc1944-1950* 127
Insignia84th Infantry Division SSIc1944-1950* 128
Insignia8th Air Force SSIc1944-1945* 129
Insignia8th Army SSIc1944-1945* 130
InsigniaAntiaircraft Artillery Command SSIc1944-1950* 131
InsigniaEuropean Theater of Operations SSIc1944-1945* 132
InsigniaFar East Air Force SSIc1944-1945* 133
InsigniaPacific Ocean Areas SSIc1944-1945* 134
InsigniaUS Strategic and Tactical Air Forces SSIc1944-1945* 135
InsigniaXXI Corps SSIc1944-1945* 136
Insignia1st Infantry Division SSIc1945  137
Insignia1st Marine Division SSI - German-madec1945-1950  138
Insignia2nd Marine Division SSI with letter from CG Leroy P. Hunt1945* 139
Insignia30th Infantry Division "Old Hickory" SSIc1945  140
Insignia3rd Marine Division SSI, feltc1945* 141
Insignia3rd Marine Division SSI, felt. reversedc1945* 142
Insignia4th Armored Division SSIc1945  143
Insignia5th Infantry Division SSI, surplusc1945  144
Insignia7th Armored Division SSIc1945-1950* 145
Insignia90th Infantry Division SSIc1945  146
Insignia9th Air Force SSI, thick embroideryc1945  147
InsigniaAlaskan Air Command SSI, on blackc1945  148
InsigniaPersian Gulf Command SSIc1945* 149
Insignia2nd Infantry Division SSIc1950  150
Insignia31st Infantry Division SSI c1950* 151
Insignia32nd Infantry Division SSIc1950* 152
Insignia33rd Infantry Division SSIc1950* 153
Insignia3rd Army SSIc1950* 154
Insignia3rd Corps Area Service Command SSIc1950* 155
Insignia442nd Regimental Combat Team SSIc1950* 156
Insignia44th Infantry Division SSI c1950* 157
Insignia45th Infantry Division SSIc1950* 158
Insignia4th Infantry Division SSIc1950  159
Insignia71st Infantry Division SSIc1950* 160
Insignia7th Corps Area Service Command SSI (#2)c1950* 161
Insignia7th Infantry Division SSIc1950* 162
Insignia8th Army SSI (#2)c1950* 163
Insignia8th Army SSI (#3)c1950* 164
Insignia99th Infantry Division SSIc1950* 165
Insignia9th Infantry Division SSIc1950* 166
InsigniaAlaskan Department SSI (#2)c1950* 167
InsigniaAntiaircraft Command SSI, postwar?c1950* 168
InsigniaArmored SSI c1950* 169
InsigniaIII Corps SSIc1950* 170
InsigniaIX Corps SSI (#2)c1950* 171
InsigniaIX Corps SSI (#3)c1950* 172
InsigniaIX Corps SSI (#4)c1950* 173
InsigniaJapanese Logistic Command SSIc1950-1953* 174
InsigniaOfficer Candidate School SSIc1950* 175
InsigniaOfficer Candidate School SSI (#2)c1950* 176
InsigniaReplacement and School Command SSI (#3)c1950* 177
InsigniaX Corps SSIc1950* 178
Insignia30th Armored Division SSIc1954-1960  179
Insignia27th Armored Division SSIc1955-1960  180
Insignia69th Infantry Division SSIc1960* 181
Insignia77th Infantry Division SSIc1960* 182
Insignia20th Air Force SSI* 183
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