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Edged WeaponImperial German child's saber, with etched bladec1890-1918  1
Edged WeaponImperial German steel-mounted child's sword (Kindersabel)c1890-1918  2
Edged WeaponChild's Imperial Prussian Infantry Officer's sword, M1889, WKCc1900-1920  3
Edged WeaponChild's sword, crowned-eagle guard c1900-1920  4
Edged WeaponGerrman Army child's sword (Kindersäbel)c1900-1945  5
Edged WeaponImperial German Army EM/NCO child's saber (Kindersäbel)c1900-1945  6
Edged WeaponImperial German brass-hilted child's sword (Kindersabel)c1900-1918  7
Edged WeaponM1860 Staff Officer child's swordc1900-1918  8
Edged WeaponUnknown child's naval officer's swordc1900-1918  9
Edged WeaponChild's Imperial German Lionhead sword, Hermann Müller1908  10
Edged WeaponChild's lionhead sword with brass handguard  11
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