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ToolHand-forged draw-platec1700-1880  1
ToolWatchmaker's 4" hacksaw, PS Stubsc1790-1830* 2
ToolBeading plane, English, H.Edwards and Porterc1800  3
EquipmentCollection of hand-made nailsc1800* 4
ToolLancashire type hack saw, 12 1/2" bladec1800-1850* 5
ToolRound Plane, A.Ramuz and Stewartc1800  6
ToolSwiss table micrometer with enamel dialc1850-1860* 7
ToolDouble-iron wooden moulding plane, Appletonc1866-1895  8
ToolA. G. Mead Stationers' Stamping Pressc1873-1885  9
ToolLate 19th Century American graverc1889  10
Tool"The Special" engraver's ball vise, Adolph Muehlmatt, Cincinnatic1900-1920  11
ToolH.B. Rouse & Co Lead and Rule cutterc1900-1925  12
ToolSmall pliers, Henry Cowanc1900  13
ToolChandler & Price New Series 10x15 Printing Pressc1912  14
ToolAdolph Muehlmatt engraver's ball vise attachments, in boxc1913* 15
ToolPrinting Furniture Cabinetc1930-1960  16
ToolGorton Pantograph, Model 3-Uc1940  17
ToolSmall ticket punchc1940-70  18
Printing TypePrinting block, flowerc1950  19
Printing TypePrinting block, Grand Army of the Republicc1950  20
Printing TypePrinting block, palm treesc1950  21
Printing TypePrinting block, pointing handc1950  22
Printing TypePrinting block, Scotsman with a pipec1950  23
ToolRocky Mountain Model 506 Welderc1960* 24
Printing TypeBox of continuous border typec1970  25
Printing TypePrinting block, sailing shipc1970  26
ToolLaid Paper Mouldc2000* 27
Printing Type12pt border, Skyline #1313c2021  28
Printing Type18pt grapevine border, Skyline #675c2021  29
Printing Type8-on-12pt border, Skyline #497c2021  30
Printing Type12pt Border No. G-46, Skyline Type Foundry  31
Printing Type24pt Border No. 1562, Skyline Type Foundry  32
Printing Type24pt Caslon Old Style Italic Swash #471, ATF* 33
Printing Type48pt Virkotype Combination Monograms* 34
Printing Type8pt Caslon Old Style (?) type* 35
Tool9" Inside Calipers, Millers Falls Co.  36
Printing TypeCollection No. 10, Skyline Type Foundry  37
ToolFitrite Assortment #85, Screws, Taps & Drills (0.30mm to 0.65mm)  38
ToolFrench watchmaker's hammer  39
ToolGroup of pliers  40
EquipmentHamilton #3045 Quarter Size Rule Case, with brass rule* 41
EquipmentHamilton No. 3045 Quarter Size Rule Case, with reglets  42
ToolKeller 1A Die Filer  43
EquipmentKennedy 11-drawer machinist's tool chest (slight rust)  44
EquipmentKennedy 2-drawer riser  45
EquipmentKennedy 5-drawer roller cabinet with table  46
EquipmentKennedy 8-drawer 26" roller cabinet  47
EquipmentKennedy 8-drawer machinist chest, with keys and more  48
EquipmentKennedy MC-28 2-drawer riser* 49
ToolSouth Bend 9" Lever Collet Closer assembly (old style)* 50
ToolSouth Bend 9" Steady Rest  51
ToolWiss pinking shears, in box  52
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