HC&M: Adolph Muehlmatt engraver's ball vise attachments, in box

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Name Adolph Muehlmatt engraver's ball vise attachments, in box

Catalog ID HCM4941
Year circa 1913
Description Small blackened wooden box, containing a set of engraver's ball vise attachments. According to the insert, these were intended for Muehlmatt's "The Rex" vise, though they fit my "The ACME" engraver's ball vise, Adolph Muehlmatt, Cincinnati.

Missing six pieces: a pair of small triangles (two others are present), and all four of the large bent rods, which appear to be intended to be used to hold very large objects.

Rust on some of the attachments, mostly below the woodline, and on the brass-plated hinges.

Includes a small insert describing the use of "The Rex" ball vise and accessories. It includes illustrations of both the vise, and this accessory set. It lists patent dates of 1912 and 1913.

Inside the box lid, in pencil, "Frank | William | Schultz | Rex Att.".

Interestingly, the original price as stated in the insert was $3, which is almost exactly what I paid for it, after inflation, and before shipping and taxes.
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Dimensions 6.25x4.25x2