HC&M: Gorton Pantograph, Model 3-U

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Name Gorton Pantograph, Model 3-U
Catalog ID HCM2546
Year circa 1940
Description Gorton Model 3-U 2-dimensional pantograph engraving machine. Floor model, weighing just under 1,000lbs. Grey paint. Two different serial numbers, though close, indicating possible re-build at a factory. Standard reductions 1:2-1:16.

Motor replaced with a vintage 110V GE motor.

Wooden cabinet with several copy drawers. One large set of incuse single-line copy [need to figure out which model] with some others mixed in.

Craigslist, with cabinet and tooling.

Have the following collets: 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16.
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