HC&M: Watchmaker's 4" hacksaw, PS Stubs

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Name Watchmaker's 4" hacksaw, PS Stubs

Catalog ID HCM4701
Year circa 1790-1830
Description Small hand-forged Lancashire-style hacksaw with 4 1/4" blade. Top arm is marked "PS [turned CC 90 degrees] STUBS, next to another mark which may be "2 2" or "2" next to "C1".

Wooden handle is well-worn, but two thread-lines are apparent in the middle. The tang is bent over the end of the wooden handle.

The bearing (terminology?) at the front of the arm is square. Stubs catalogs show these as cylinders by (date needed...1851?). See Stubs catalogs in "Horological Shop Tools 1700 to 1900", T.R. Crom (pp. 185, 200, 209).
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Dimensions 9.75x2