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Child's triple-breasted black wool tunic
circa 1875-1880

USMC Centennial child's red band jacket, size 1
circa 1875-1876

Child's leather boots
circa 1880-1900

Child's US Army Indian Wars officer’s kepi
circa 1880-1895

Child's black velvet chapeau bras
circa 1881

Imperial German child's saber, with etched blade
circa 1890-1918

Imperial German steel-mounted child's sword (Kindersabel)
circa 1890-1918

German child's fur tornister
circa 1895-1945

Prussian M1895 belt buckle for a child
circa 1895-1914

Imperial German Army Kindermantel
circa 1896-1908

Spanish-American War-era child's US Army fatigue blouse
circa 1898-1915

Black Zouave jacket with red lace, for a child
circa 1900-1920

Blue Zouave waistcoat front, with red trim and brass buttons
circa 1900-1920

Child's Hussar tunic (British?)
circa 1900-1930

Child's Imperial Prussian Infantry Officer's sword, M1889, WKC
circa 1900-1920

Child's sword, crowned-eagle guard
circa 1900-1920

Gerrman Army child's sword (Kindersäbel)
circa 1900-1945

Imperial German Army EM/NCO child's saber (Kindersäbel)
circa 1900-1945

Imperial German brass-hilted child's sword (Kindersabel)
circa 1900-1918

M1860 Staff Officer child's sword
circa 1900-1918

Spanish-American War era child's Army jacket
circa 1900-1918

Unknown child's naval officer's sword
circa 1900-1918

Child's Imperial German Lionhead sword, Hermann Müller
circa 1908

Child's toy suit of armor
circa 1910-1931

Red and black Zouave jacket, for a child
circa 1910-1912

Unknown uniform coat for a child, American-made Colombian buttons
circa 1910-1920

Child's U.S. Army WWI tunic and breeches, with no insignia
circa 1916-1925

Child's WWI tunic and shorts
circa 1917-1930

US Army 2nd Lieutenant's medical jacket with Ambulance Service SSI
circa 1917-1925

Child's British Army service dress uniform
circa 1918-2000

Child's doughboy army helmet, single-hole
circa 1918-1943

Child's doughboy army helmet, slotted
circa 1918-1943

Child's Doughboy helmet, camouflage
circa 1918-1943

Child's WWI cotton US Army tunic, 1st Ohio Infantry
circa 1918-1930

Child's Reichsmarine or Kriegsmarine jacket and collar
circa 1919-1945

Child's Reichsmarine or Kriegsmarine uniform
circa 1919-1945

Child's Reichsmarine or Kriegsmarine uniform, signals?
circa 1919-1945

Child's blue wool aviator cap, "Prince of Wales"
circa 1920-1935

Child's cotton US Army officer's cap
circa 1920-1940

Child's steel Doughboy helmet
circa 1920-1940

Boy's Army cap of Thomas Nichol, Jr.
circa 1926

Boy's Army uniform of Thomas Nichol, Jr.
circa 1926

Boy's leather gaiters of Thomas Nichol, Jr.
circa 1926

Boy's Sam Browne belt of Thomas Nichol, Jr.
circa 1926

Child's nickel-plated play helmet
circa 1930

Child's pith helmet
circa 1930-1950

Child's snow suit "uniform"
circa 1930-1950

Child's U.S. Army play uniform set, with hat
circa 1930-1940

Frandine Model C rubber band gun
circa 1930

Imperial Japanese Army Type 5 winter tunic for a small child
circa 1930-1938

Light brown double-breasted play uniform for a child
circa 1930-1940

Pre-WWII USMC dress blue uniform, for a child
circa 1930-1940

Child's pinks & greens Army uniform, "SMAL-FRi"
circa 1939-1950

Child's "pinks and greens" uniform set
circa 1940-1945

Gabardine aviator's coat for a child, with bullion wings, The Palace Clothiers
circa 1940-1945

Gabardine aviator's uniform for a child, with bullion wings, Kerr Dry Goods Co.
circa 1940-1945

Marx Toys "Fighting Squadron" steel helmet
circa 1940-1950

Young child's blue wool US Navy peacoat
circa 1940-1960

Child's Army Air Corps wool uniform
circa 1941-1945

Child's khaki overseas cap, "KEEP 'EM FLYING"
circa 1941-1945

Child's U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division uniform
circa 1941-1945

Child's U.S. Army cap
circa 1941-1945

Child's U.S. Army cap, small insignia
circa 1941-1945

Child's U.S. Army double-breasted coat
circa 1941-1945

Child's U.S. Army jacket, with Pearl Harbor pin, 78th ID
circa 1941-1945

Child's U.S. Army Major's uniform coat
circa 1941-1945

Child's U.S. Navy wool peacoat
circa 1941-1960

Child's US Army uniform and cap, cotton
circa 1941-1950

Child's US Navy blue jumper, Radioman submariner
circa 1941-1947

Child's brown leather two-buckle Army boots
circa 1942-1950

USMC winter service uniform, for a child
circa 1942-1945

Child's U.S. Navy WWII pilot's uniform set
circa 1943-1950

Army Air Corps uniform grouping of child, Jeanne M. Pryor
circa 1944

Child's toy helmet liner conversion
circa 1945-1950

Child's toy helmet liner conversion, painted
circa 1945-1950

Child's U.S. Army green HBT shirt
circa 1945-1955

Child's US Army "Ike" jacket, German-made
circa 1945-1955

US Army T/5 Signal Corps uniform, for a child, SHAEF
circa 1945

Child's USMC dress blue uniform costume
circa 1946-1970

Child's USMC dress blues uniform (cotton)
circa 1946-1970

US Army uniform for a child, German-made
circa 1946

Child's khaki overseas cap
circa 1948

Boy's shoes, associated with Thomas Nichol, Jr. grouping
circa 1950-1960

Child's blue cotton sailor's outfit
circa 1950

Child's blue wool sailor's outfit
circa 1950

Child's US Army Sergeant First Class' shirt
circa 1950-1970

Child's white cotton sailor's outfit
circa 1950

Child's Army fatigue uniform, Montana National Guard, Jones
circa 1952-1965

Child's 1960s US Army uniform
circa 1955-1976

Child's Belgian artillery uniform and flag
circa 1957

Child's toy holster, "U.S. MILITARY POLICE"
circa 1960

Child's US Air Force green fatigue uniform, Gordner
circa 1960-1980

Child's US Army green fatigue shirt, 82nd and Infantry School, Justin
circa 1960-1980

Child's US Army green fatigue uniform, 82nd and Infantry School, Joshua
circa 1960-1980

Child's “duck hunter” USAF camouflage set, Kirk
circa 1964-1970

Child's “duck hunter” camouflage shirt, Walsh
circa 1965-1970

Child's Chinese Type 65 enlisted uniform shirt
circa 1965-2000

Child's tiger stripe shirt, with snaps
circa 1965-1975

Child's ERDL camouflage shirt
circa 1968-1975

Child's 2nd Infantry Division Sergeant Major fatigue set
circa 1970

Child's Soviet Army private's shirt
circa 1970-1980

Special Forces First Sergeant overalls for a child
circa 1970-1975

Tiger Stripe flight suit for a child, USAF Lieutenant Colonel
circa 1970

Child's tiger stripe set, ripstop
circa 1975-1980

Child's Civil War M1855 cavalry shell jacket
circa 1980-2020

Boy's BDU jacket, Rothco
circa 1990-2000

WWII US Army paratrooper jump uniform, for a child
circa 2000-2020

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Child's lionhead sword with brass handguard

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