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Book"The Gentlemans Calling", "The Ladies Calling"c1674-1675* 1
Book"The Laws of Honour"1726* 2
Book"Husbandry and Trade Improv'd", Volume I1727* 3
Book"Husbandry and Trade Improv'd", Volume III1727* 4
Book"Husbandry and Trade Improv'd", Volume IV1728* 5
Book"Dictionarium Polygraphicum: Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested", Vol. I.1735* 6
Book"Dictionarium Polygraphicum: Or, The Whole Body of Arts Regularly Digested", Vol. II.1735* 7
Book"A New Geographical and Historical Grammar", Thomas Salmon1757* 8
Book"The London and Country Brewer"1759* 9
Book"The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer", Vol. III1762  10
BookBible, King James Versionc1776* 11
Book"Principles of Politeness"1789* 12
Book"Select Mechanical Exercises", James Ferguson1790* 13
Book"The Young Mill-Wright and Miller's Guide", Oliver Evans1795* 14
Book"Reports of the Trials of Colonel Aaron Burr" Vol. 11808* 15
Book"Reports of the Trials of Colonel Aaron Burr" Vol. II1808* 16
Book"A Military Dictionary", William Duane1810* 17
Book"A Hand Book for Infantry"1813* 18
Book"The Circle of the Mechanical Arts"1813* 19
Book"Principles, of Politeness and of Knowing the World"1814* 20
Book"The History of North America", Cooper1814* 21
Book"The Young Man's Best Companion"1822  22
Book"A Military Journal During the American Revolutionary War", Thacher1823* 23
Book"The Virginia Justice"c1825  24
Book"Eloquence of the United States", Vol. III.1827* 25
Book"Eloquence of the United States", Vol. IV.1827* 26
Book"Harper's Family Library No. XXV. Festivals, Games, and Amusements"1831  27
Book"A System of Exercise and Instruction of Field-Artillery", 2nd? Ed.1833* 28
Book"Biennial Register of all Officers and Agents in the Service of the United States"1838* 29
Book"Biography of Revolutionary Heroes"1839  30
Book"A Narrative of the Loss of the Royal George"1841* 31
Book"The Poetical Works of Milton, Young, Gray, Beattie, and Collins"1843  32
Book"McGuffey's Newly Revised Eclectic Spelling Book"c1846  33
Book"True Politeness. A Hand-Book of Etiquette for Gentlemen"1854  34
Book"Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution", B.J. Lossing, Vol. 11855* 35
Book"Life of George Washington", Vol. I, Washington Irvingc1856  36
Book"Life of George Washington", Vol. II, Washington Irving1856  37
Book"Life of George Washington", Vol. III, Washington Irving1858  38
Book"Instruction for Field Artillery"1861* 39
Book"Manual of Bayonet Exercise"1861* 40
Book"The Hand-Book of Artillery, for the Service of the United States", Roberts1861* 41
Book"U.S. Infantry Tactics"1861* 42
Book"U.S. Infantry Tactics", Volume I1861* 43
Book"U.S. Infantry Tactics", Volume II1861* 44
Book"Camp and Outpost Duty for Infantry", by MG Daniel Butterfield1863* 45
Book"Rules for the Management and Cleaning of the Rifle Musket, Model 1863", excellentc1863* 46
Book"Hours at Home" Vol 11865  47
Book"Hours at Home" Vol 21866  48
Book"Hours at Home" Vol 31866  49
Book"Hours at Home" Vol 4c1866-1867  50
Book"First Lessons in Geography: for Young Children"1869  51
Book"History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5" Vol. I.1869* 52
Book"Amerikanisch-Lutherische Evangelien Postille"1870  53
Periodical"The Sioux City Daily Journal", Vol 4 No 171 (September 20, 1873)1873  54
Book"Ray's New Practical Arithmetic"1877  55
Book"Grammar School Geography", William Swinton1880  56
Book"The British Medical Journal", Volume II for 18801880  57
Book"A Treatise on the Differential and Integral Calculus"1882  58
Book"War Songs, for Anniversaries and Gatherings of Soldiers"1883  59
Book"Historical Sketch of the Artillery, United States Army", Birkhimer1884* 60
Book"Our Little Ones and The Nursery", 18841884  61
Book"The German Verb-Drill"1885  62
Book"Hand-Book of Official and Social Etiquette and Public Ceremonials at Washington"1886* 63
Book"Upton's Infantry Tactics", Hugh T. Reed1886* 64
Book"A Popular Chemistry", J. Dorman Steele, PhD.1887  65
Book"History of the World with all its Great Sensations" Vol I1887  66
Book"Hood's Book of Home Made Candies"1888* 67
Book"Aus dem Staat Friedrichs des Grossen"1890  68
Book"Dichtergrüße, Elise Polkoc1890  69
Book"Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift des Alten und Neuen Testaments"1890  70
Book"Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift"c1890-1900  71
Book"Neues Testament und Psalmen"c1890  72
Book"Pepy's Diary" The Chandos Classicsc1890  73
Bookunknown hymn- or songbook (in German)c1890  74
Bookunknown prayer book (in English)c1890  75
Book"A Handbook for Light Artillery", A.B. Dyer1896* 76
Book"Drill Regulations for Light Artillery, United States Army 1896"1896* 77
Book"The Boston Tea Party"1896  78
Book"The War in Cuba"1896  79
Book"History of the World with all its Great Sensations" Vol IIc1897  80
Book"Infantry Drill Regulations: The Manual of Arms adapted to the Magazine Rifle Caliber .30"1897* 81
Book"Moni der Geissbub"1897  82
Book"Tobacco Leaf, Its Culture and Cure, Marketing and Manufacture"1897  83
Book"The New Frontenac"c1899* 84
Book"Eminent Women: A Series of Sketches"c1900  85
Book"A German Grammar for Schools and Colleges"1901  86
Book"Langenscheidts Taschenwörterbücher Französisch-Deutsch"c1902  87
Book"Langenscheidts Taschenwörterbücher I/II"c1902  88
Book"Notes on Mechanism as Applied to Artillery"c1902* 89
Book"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", with 1902 teacher's offer letterc1902  90
Book"The United States Secret Service in the Late War"1902  91
Book"Deeds of Valor" Vol 11903  92
Book"Deeds of Valor" Vol 21903  93
Book"Electrical Engineer's Pocket-Book"1904  94
Book"Hill's Vest-Pocket Italian-English English-Italian Dictionary"1904  95
Book"History of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers"1905* 96
Book"Mechanics of Materials"1905  97
Book"Self-Propelled Vehicles"c1906  98
Book"The Locomotive up to Date"1906  99
Book"The Man without a Country"1907  100
Book"Manual for Privates of Infantry of the Organized Militia of the United States"1909* 101
Book"Russisches Worterbuch"1910  102
Book"The Boys' Book of Model Aeroplanes"1910  103
Book"Boy Scouts in an Airship or The Warning from the Sky"1912  104
Book"The Sterling Candy Book"1912* 105
Book"The Practical Book of Period Furniture"1914  106
Book"Manual for the Solution of Military Ciphers", Capt. Parker Hitt1916  107
Book"Signal Book United States Army 1916"1916  108
Book"110th Infantry (10th.PA.INF.) UNITED STATES 1917"1917* 109
Book"A New Course of French"1917  110
Book"Army and Navy Insignia including the Marine Corps"c1917-1918  111
Book"Songs of the Soldiers and Sailors U.S."1917  112
Book"Installation, Inspection and Maintenance of the U.S.A. Standardized Aircraft Engine"c1918* 113
Book"Machine Gun Drill, Machine Gun Marksmanship"c1918-1940* 114
Book"Manual of the Automatic Pistol, Capiber .45 Model of 1911"1918* 115
Book"Western Union Travelers' Cable Code"c1918  116
Book"The American Revolution" volume 11919  117
Book"The Hatchet of the U.S.S. George Washington"1919* 118
Book"Chardenal's Complete French Course"1920  119
Book"German Composition"1921  120
Book"Rhymes of a Lost Battalion Doughboy"1921  121
Book"Design of Machine Elements"1923  122
Book"The Construction of the Small House"1923  123
Book"American Pewter", Kerfoot1924  124
Book"Think"1924  125
Book"A Text-Book of Physics"1925  126
Book"Differential and Integral Calculus", Abraham Cohen1925  127
Book"Engineering Drawing", Thomas E. French1926  128
Book"McKean The Governor's County"1926  129
Book"A Laboratory Manual of Physics and Applied Electricity"1927  130
Book"Etiquette", Emily Post1928  131
Book"Langenscheidts Taschenwörterbücher Französisch-deutsch Deutsch-französisch"1929  132
Book"Deutsch für Anfänger"1930  133
Book"Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors"1930  134
Book"Picturesque Pasadena"c1930  135
Book"The Adams Family", by James Truslow Adams1930  136
Book"The Amazing Adventures of Kermit the Hermit Crab"1930  137
Book"Basic Field Manual, VOL IV." with changes C-1 and C-2c1931-1938* 138
Book"Hamilton Beach Modern Fountain Equipment" Catalog SF101c1931* 139
Book"Hitler", Emil Lengyel1932* 140
Book"Manual of Formulas, Recipes, Methods and Secret Processes"1932  141
Book"Playskool Toys: Learning While Playing", catalogc1932-1951* 142
Book"Van Loon's Geography"1932  143
Book"British Agent"1933  144
Book"Graded German Readers" "Books one to five"1933  145
Book"Pasadena Telephone Directory" and "Buyer's Guide for Pasadena", April, 19331933  146
Book"Graded German Readers" "Books six to ten"1934  147
Book"Hamilton Beach Fountain and Bar Equipment" Catalog No. 41934* 148
Book"The Holgate Play Year" (1934 catalog)1934* 149
Book"Pennsylvania Dutch Cookery", Frederick1935  150
Book"The Book of Old Ships"1935  151
Book"The Clock Book", Wallace Nutting1935  152
Book"The Old Furniture Book", N. Hudson Moore1935  153
Book"The Preschool Child and his play materials", Holgate Toys catalog, 19351935* 154
Book"Fairchild - for Photography from the Air"c1936* 155
Ephemera"Holgate Toys Created for the Child of Preschool Age"c1936* 156
Book"A Brief Course in German"1937  157
Book"Schießvorschrift für Gewehr (Karabiner)...", hardcover1937  158
Book"Schießvorschrift für Gewehr (Karabiner)...", softcover1937  159
Book"The Book of Old Silver", Wyler1937  160
Book"Ausbildungsvorschrift für die Artillerie", H. Dv. 200/1a1938* 161
Book"Der Reserveoffizier"1938  162
Ephemera"For the Pre-School Child", Holgate Toys brochure (dark)c1938* 163
Book"Holgate Toys" Catalog, 19381938  164
Book"M.G.34 Seine Verwendung als l.M.G oder s.M.G."1938  165
Book"Offizierthemen Ein Handbuch für den Offizierunterricht" Hoebel1938  166
Book"Schulschießübungen für das Schießen mit dem leichten Maschinengewehr"1938  167
EphemeraHolgate Toys correspondence (Josephine Craig)c1938* 168
Book"Handbuch für Kraftfahrer"1939  169
Ephemera"Holgate Toys: Train as well as Entertain"c1939-1940* 170
Book"The Collector's Manual"1939  171
Book"American Chippendale Furniture: A Picture Book"1940  172
Book"Audels Shipfitter's Handy Book"1940  173
Book"Der Sieg in Polen"1940  174
Book"Holgate Toys" Catalog #17, 19401940* 175
Book"Landser lachen"1940  176
Book"Report on England", Ralph Ingersoll1940  177
Book"Sieg über Frankenreich"1940  178
Book"Soldaten Fallen vom Himmel"1940  179
Book"Soldaten Fallen vom Himmel", with DJ1940  180
Book"Text-Book of Advanced Machine Work"1940  181
Book"Unteroffizierthemen Ein Handbuch für den Unteroffizierunterricht"1940  182
BookFM 23-70 "37-MM Gun, Antitank, M3", with C1, C2, and C31940  183
BookFM 27-10 "Rules of Land Warfare"1940* 184
BookFM 4-105 "Coast Artillery Field Manual"1940* 185
BookJapanese WWII heavy machine gun technical manualc1940-1945* 186
BookMG34 booklet by Oberstleutnant A. Butz1940  187
BookTM 1-205 Air Navigation1940* 188
BookTM 1-315 "Hydrogen"1940* 189
BookTM 1-405 "Aircraft Engines"1940* 190
BookTM 1-410 "Airplane Structures" (1940)1940* 191
BookTM 1-411 "Airplane Hydraulic Systems and Miscellaneous Equipment"1940* 192
BookTM 1-412 "Aircraft Propellers"1940* 193
BookTM 1-413 "Aircraft Instruments"1940  194
BookTM 1-420 "Lathes"1940  195
BookTM 1-422 "Grinding Machines" with change C-11940* 196
BookTM 10-510 "The Motor Vehicle"1940* 197
BookTM 10-550 "Fuels and Carburetion"1940  198
BookTM 10-550 "Fuels and Carburetion" (2nd copy)1940* 199
BookTM 20-250 "Field Music"1940* 200
BookTM 3-215 "Military Chemistry and Chemical Agents"1940* 201
BookTM 5-230 "Topographic Drafting"1940* 202
BookTM 5-400 "Military Railways and Inland Waterways", with C-11940* 203
BookTM 9-225 "Browning Machine Gun, Caliber .50, M2, Aircraft, Fixed and Flexible"1940* 204
BookTM 9-280 U.S. Rfile, Caliber .22, M1922, M1922MI, and M21940  205
BookTM 9-2900 "Military Explosives"1940  206
Book"Airplane Sheet Metal Construction"1941  207
Book"Ausbildungsvorschrift für die Infanterie", H. Dv. 130/2a1941* 208
Book"Die Fallschirmjäger vom Dombas"1941  209
Book"Field Surgery in Total War", Douglas W. Jolly, M.B., Ch.B.N.Z.c1941* 210
Book"Graded German Readers" "Books eleven to thirteen"1941  211
Book"Holgate Toys" Catalog #18, 1941, laminated.1941* 212
Book"New Encyclopedia of Machine Shop Practice"1941  213
Book"Picture Stories of the Sex Life of Man and Woman"1941  214
Book"Pionierdienst aller Waffen"1941  215
Book"So wird man Fallschirmjäger" (1st edition)1941  216
Book"Tactics and Techniques of Infantry - Basic"1941* 217
Book"Watch Officer's Guide", United States Navy1941  218
Book"Your Wings", Assen Jordanoff1941  219
BookFM 11-17 "Signal Corps Field Manual"1941* 220
BookFM 22-5 "Basic Field Manual - Infantry Drill Regulations"1941* 221
BookFM 23-40 "THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN, CALIBER .45 M1928A1" with addtion C-1c1941-1944* 222
BookFM 30-41 "Military Intelligence Identification of British Armored Vehicles"1941* 223
BookReibert: "Der Dienstunterricht im Heere", hardback1941  224
BookTM 1-206 "Celestial Air Navigation"1941* 225
BookTM 1-219 "Basic Photography", with C-11941* 226
BookTM 1-320 "Airship Aerodynamics"1941* 227
BookTM 1-407 "Aircraft Induction, Fuel, and Oil Systems"1941  228
BookTM 1-409 "Aircraft Armament and Pyrotechnics"1941* 229
BookTM 1-423 "Heat Treating and Inspection of Metals"1941  230
BookTM 1-435 "Aircraft Sheet Metal Work"1941* 231
BookTM 1-440 "Parachutes, Aircraft Fabrics, and Clothing"1941* 232
BookTM 1-460 "Radiotelephone Procedure Air Corps"1941* 233
BookTM 1-505 "Aircraft Cameras (Machine Gun)"1941  234
BookTM 10-410 "Army Baker"1941* 235
BookTM 10-440 "The Blacksmith and The Welder"1941* 236
BookTM 10-445 "The Machinist"1941  237
BookTM 10-450 "Sheet Metal Work, Body, Fender and Radiator Repairs"1941  238
BookTM 10-560 "Chassis, Body, and Trailer Units"1941* 239
BookTM 10-570 "The Internal Combustion Engine"1941* 240
BookTM 10-590 "Hand, Measuring, and Power Tools"1941  241
BookTM 10-590 "Hand, Measuring, and Power Tools" (2nd copy)1941* 242
BookTM 10-590 "Hand, Measuring, and Power Tools" (3rd copy)1941* 243
BookTM 10-590 "Hand, Measuring, and Power Tools" (copy 2)1941* 244
BookTM 11-353 "Installation and Maintenance of Telegraph Printer Equipment"1941* 245
BookTM 11-454 "The Radio Operator"1941* 246
BookTM 30-256 "Icelandic Phrase Book"1941* 247
BookTM 5-268 "Repair of Fishnets"1941* 248
BookTM 9-227 "20 MM Aircraft Gun Materiel, M1 and M2"1941* 249
BookTM 9-307 "75-mm Gun Matériel, M2 and M3 (Tank)"1941* 250
BookTM 9-345 "155-MM Gun Matériel, M1917, M1918 and Modifications"1941* 251
BookTM 9-855 "Targets, Target Materials, and Rifle Range Construction"1941* 252
Book"A Handy Guide to First Aid for the Injured"1942* 253
Book"A Short Guide to Iraq", War and Navy Department1942  254
Book"Action on All Fronts", Ralph Ingersoll1942  255
Book"Aircraft Engine Design", Joseph Liston1942  256
Book"Articles of War Annotated"1942  257
Book"Driving Instructions: Light Tank, M5, M5A1 Motor Carriage, M8"1942* 258
Ephemera"Holgate Toys of Today"c1942* 259
Book"How the Jap Army Fights", Penguin Special1942* 260
Book"Infanterie greift an", by Erwin Rommel1942  261
Book"Manual H&R Reising Submachine Gun and Semi-Automatic Rifle"1942* 262
Book"Meet New Zealand"c1942* 263
Book"Song Book of First Marine Brigade Iceland 1941-1942"1942* 264
Book"The Jap Army"1942* 265
Book"The Roots of National Culture"1942  266
BookFM 17-33 "Armored Force Field Manual"1942  267
BookFM 21-100 "Basic Field Manual - Soldier's Handbook"1942* 268
BookFM 21-100 "Basic Field Manual & Soldier's Handbook"c1942  269
BookFM 25-10 "Basic Field Manual - Motor Transport"1942* 270
BookTM 1-1100 "Shotgun and Skeet Shooting"1942  271
BookTM 1-406 "Aircraft Electrical Systems"1942* 272
BookTM 1-414 "Aircraft Woodwork"1942* 273
BookTM 1-421 "Milling Machines, Shapers, and Planers"1942* 274
BookTM 10-405 "The Army Cook"1942* 275
BookTM 10-455 "The Body Finisher, Woodworker, Upholsterer, Painter and Glassworker"1942  276
BookTM 10-515 "The Motorcycle"1942* 277
BookTM 11-363 "Pole Line Construction"1942* 278
BookTM 11-432 "Code Practice Equipment"1942  279
BookTM 11-453 "Shop Work"1942* 280
BookTM 11-456 "Wire Telegraphy"1942* 281
BookTM 11-457 "Local-Battery Telephone Equipment"1942* 282
BookTM 11-800 "Radio Transmitters BC-191-A, BC-191-B..."1942* 283
BookTM 30-252 "Portuguese Phrase Book"1942* 284
BookTM 30-480 "Handbook on Japanese Military Forces"1942* 285
BookTM 9-1205 "Ordnance Maintenance Browning Machine Gun Caliber .30, All Types"1942* 286
BookTM 9-1211 "Ordnance Maintenance: Browning Automatic Rifle, Cal. .30, All Types"1942* 287
BookTM 9-1275 Ordnance Maintenance U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M11942  288
BookTM 9-1295 Ordnance Maintenance "Pistols and Revolvers"1942* 289
BookTM 9-1295 Ordnance Maintenance Pistols and Revolvers1942  290
BookTM 9-1611 "Ordnance Maintenance Field Glass, Type EE"1942* 291
BookTM 9-1726 "Ordnance Maintenance Continental Engine, Model W670-9A"1942* 292
BookTM 9-1751 "Ordnance Maintenance Wright Whirlwind Engine Model R975EC-2"1942* 293
BookTM 9-1900 Ammunition, General1942  294
BookTM 9-1990 "Small-Arms Ammunition"1942* 295
BookTM 9-215 "Thompson Submachine Gun, Cal. .45 M1", with C-11942* 296
BookTM 9-2200 "Instruction Guide: Small Arms Data"1942* 297
BookTM 9-2210 "Instruction Guide: Small Arms Accidents, Malfunctions, and their Causes"1942* 298
BookTM 9-285 Shotguns, All Types1942  299
BookTM 9-325 "105-mm Howitzer Matériel M2"1942* 300
BookTM 9-350 "155-MM Gun Materiel M1"1942  301
BookTM 9-727C "Light Tank M5A1"1942* 302
BookTM 9-731A "Medium Tanks M4 and M4A1"1942* 303
BookTM 9-732 "Light Tank, M5"1942* 304
BookTM 9-759 "Medium Tank M4A3"1942* 305
Book"Das Neue Soldaten Liederbuch"1943  306
Book"France" (The World Today)1943  307
Book"Helden der Wüste"1943  308
Book"Holgate Toys" Catalog #19, 19431943* 309
Book"How to Shoot the U.S. Army Rifle"1943* 310
Book"Japan's Military Masters", Fighting Forces Series (marked "4")1943* 311
Book"Japan's Military Masters", Fighting Forces Series (owner's name on cover)1943* 312
Book"Knight's Modern Seamanship"1943  313
Book"Kriegsdeutsch"1943  314
Book"Naval Administration"1943  315
Book"Naval Officer's Guide"1943  316
Book"Robert's Rules of Order Revised"1943  317
Book"So wird man Fallschirmjäger" 2nd printing1943  318
Book"The Jap Soldier"1943* 319
BookArabic-language anti-Hitler propaganda bookc1943-1945* 320
BookFM 21-105 "Engineer Soldier's Handbook"1943* 321
BookFM 24-6 (Tentative) "Radio Operators Manual"1943* 322
BookFM 30-30/BUAER 3 "Recognition Pictorial Manual"1943* 323
BookFM 9-40 "Ordnance - Unexploded Bombs Organization and Operation for Disposal"c1943-1945* 324
BookTM 1-410 "Airplane Structures"1943* 325
BookTM 1-411 (French) "Dispotifs Hydrauliques et Equipements et Dispotifs Divers D'Avation"1943* 326
BookTM 10-1690 "Passenger Car, Plymouth, Model P14"1943* 327
BookTM 10-406 "Cooking Dehydrated Foods", with C-11943* 328
BookTM 10-407 "Cutting of Beef"1943* 329
BookTM 10-408 "Cutting and Preparing of Lamb"1943* 330
BookTM 10-610 "Refrigeration"1943* 331
BookTM 21-221 "Informal Games for Soldiers"1943* 332
BookTM 30-245 "German Phrase Book"1943* 333
BookTM 30-275 "Japanese Phrase Book"1943* 334
BookTM 30-302 "French Language Guide"1943* 335
BookTM 30-306 "German"1943* 336
BookTM 30-311 "Danish Language Guide"1943* 337
BookTM 30-312 "Swedish Language Guide"1943* 338
BookTM 30-318 "TurkishLanguage Guide"1943* 339
BookTM 30-321 "North African Arabic Language Guide"1943* 340
BookTM 30-333 "Chinese Language Guide"1943* 341
BookTM 30-339 "Malay Language Guide"1943* 342
BookTM 30-344 "Russian Language Guide"1943  343
BookTM 30-345 "Bulgarian Language Guide"1943* 344
BookTM 30-349 "Rumanian Language Guide"1943* 345
BookTM 30-352 "Albanian Language Guide"1943* 346
BookTM 30-420 "Handbook on the Italian Military Forces"1943* 347
BookTM 30-485 Japenese-English Glossary Technical Communication Terms1943* 348
BookTM 30-490 "German-English Glossary"1943* 349
BookTM 30-600 "Spanish Phrase Book"1943  350
BookTM 30-603 "Italian Phrase Book"1943  351
BookTM 30-633 "Chinese Phrase Book"1943  352
BookTM 30-644 "Russian Phrase Book"1943* 353
BookTM 30-645 "Bulgarian Phrase Book"1943* 354
BookTM 30-652 "Albanian Phrase Book"1943* 355
BookTM 31-200 "Maintenance and Care of Pneumatic Tires and Rubber Treads"1943* 356
BookTM 5-226 "Carpentry"1943  357
BookTM 5-267 Camouflage1943* 358
BookTM 5-267 Supplement 1 Camouflage1943* 359
BookTM 5-267 Supplement 2 Camouflage1943* 360
BookTM 5-267 Supplement 3 Camouflage1943* 361
BookTM 5-267 Supplement 4 Camouflage1943* 362
BookTM 9-1276 "Ordnance Maintenance Carbines, Cal. .30, M1 and M1A1"1943* 363
BookTM 9-1373 "Ordnance Maintenance 90-mm Gun M1 and Mount M3"1943* 364
BookTM 9-1940 "Land Mines" (2nd copy)1943* 365
BookTM 9-1940 Land Mines1943* 366
BookTM 9-1985 "Grenades, Hand and Rifle"1943* 367
BookTM 9-217 "Submachine Gun, Cal. .45, M3" (2nd copy)1943* 368
BookTM 9-217 Submachine Gun, Cal. .45, M31943  369
BookTM 9-2200 "Small Arms, Light Field Mortars and 20-mm Aircraft Guns"1943* 370
BookTM 9-226 "Browning Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M2, Water-Cooled, and Mounts"1943* 371
BookTM 9-2800 "Standard Military Motor Vehicles"1943* 372
BookTM 9-294 "2.36-inch A.T. Rocket Launcher M1A1"1943* 373
BookTM 9-731B "Medium Tank M4A2"1943* 374
BookTM E9-206A "German 7.9-mm Dual Purpose Machine Gun MG34"1943* 375
BookTM E9-369A "German 88-MM Antiaircraft Gun Materiel"1943* 376
BookTM-E 30-451 "Handbook on German Military Forces"1943  377
Book"Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Guide For C-46 Series Aircraft"1944  378
Book"Holgate Toys" Catalog #20, 19441944* 379
Book"Our Enemy Japan"1944* 380
Periodical"The Model Craftsman", July 19441944* 381
Periodical"The Model Craftsman", July 1944 (second copy)1944* 382
Book"VB-Feldpost", "Landser lachen" 4. Folge1944  383
BookEM 904 "Army Typewriting"1944* 384
BookFM 21-26 "Advanced Map and Aerial Photograph Reading"1944* 385
BookFM 21-30 "Conventional Signs, Military Symbols, and Abbreviations" (cover clipped)1944* 386
BookFM 5-20G "Camouflage of Rear Areas and Fixed Fortifications"1944* 387
BookT.O. 16-1-145 (NAVSHIPS 900,017) Radar System Fundamentals1944* 388
BookTM 1-408 "Aircraft Power Plant Operation"1944* 389
BookTM 1-455 "Electrical Fundamentals"1944* 390
BookTM 11-2043 "Telephone TP-3"1944* 391
BookTM 11-2546 "Connecting and Switching Kit MX-155/GT"1944* 392
BookTM 11-380 "Converter M-209, M-209-A, M-209-B (cipher)"1944* 393
BookTM 11-455 "Radio Fundamentals"1944* 394
BookTM 11-475 "Principles of Long Distance Telephone and Telegraph Transmission"1944* 395
BookTM 11-483 "Suppression of Radio Noises"1944  396
BookTM 11-485 "Advanced Military Cryptography"1944* 397
BookTM 20-205 "Dictionary of United States Army Terms"1944* 398
BookTM 27-251 "Treaties Governing Land Warfare"1944* 399
BookTM 30-327 "Hindustani Language Guide"1944* 400
BookTM 30-342 "Korean Language Guide"1944* 401
BookTM 30-506 "German Military Dictionary"1944* 402
BookTM 30-618 "Turkish Phrase Book"1944* 403
BookTM 30-626 "Persian Phrase Book"1944* 404
BookTM 30-627 "Hindustani Phrase Book"1944* 405
BookTM 30-631 "Thai (Siamese) Phrase Book"1944  406
BookTM 30-632 "Burmese Phrase Book"1944* 407
BookTM 30-639 "Malay Phrase Book"1944* 408
BookTM 30-641 "Japanese Phrase Book"1944* 409
BookTM 55-271 "Operation of Railroads: Diesel-Electric Locomotives"c1944* 410
BookTM 8-291 "Occupational Therapy"1944* 411
BookTM 9-1225 "Browning Machine Gun Cal. .50, M2 All Types and Ground Mounts"1944* 412
BookTM 9-1270 "U.S. Rifles, Cal. .30, M1903, M1903A1, M1903A3 and M1903A4"1944* 413
BookTM 9-280 "Caliber .22 Rifles, All Types"1944* 414
BookTM 9-803 "1/4-Ton 4x4 Truck (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW)"1944* 415
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Book"Geek House"c2005  870
Book"George Washington's Gristmill at Mount Vernon"2005  871
Book"Graphic discovery"c2005  872
Book"Motive for Murder"2005  873
Book"Philanthropy, Heirs & Values"2005  874
Book"Raising the Periscope... Grab and Poppy"2005  875
Book"Recreating the 18th Century Powder Horn"2005  876
Book"Simple Screenprinting", Annie Stromquistc2005  877
Book"The Art of Engraving", James B. Meek2005  878
Book"The cornucopia"2005  879
Book"The Hitler Book"2005  880
Book"Wheelock's Latin, 6th Edition Revised"c2005* 881
BookTRADOC PAMPHLET 600-4 "IET Soldier's Handbook Vol I"2005  882
BookTRADOC PAMPHLET 600-4 "IET Soldier's Handbook Vol II"2005  883
Book"A Field Guide to North American Hand Presses and their Manufacturers"2006  884
Book"A Guide to Local Issue U.S. Service & Victory Medals with Values."2006  885
Book"Backbone of the Wehrmacht"2006  886
Book"Fakes & Forgeries"c2006  887
Book"Hometown Pasadena"2006  888
Book"Military rifles of Japan",c2006  889
Book"Preserving the American Spirit in the DAR Museum"2006  890
Book"The American Flag: Two Centuries of Concord & Conflict", Madaus and Smith2006  891
Book"The Backyard Blacksmith: Traditional Techniques for the Modern Smith"2006  892
Book"The Cryptographic Mathematics of Enigma"2006  893
Book"The Start of the Digital Revolution: SIGSALY"c2006  894
Book"Thomas Tompion at the Dial and Three Crowns"2006  895
Book"Time Management for System Administrators"2006  896
Book"D-Day in the Pacific: The Battle of Saipan"2007  897
Book"Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values"c2007  898
Book"Holy Bible New International Version", camouflage coverc2007  899
Book"Recreating the 18th Century Hunting Pouch"2007  900
Book"Standard Catalog of Military Firearms: The Collectors Price and Reference Guide"2007  901
Book"The Encyclopedia of Wood"c2007  902
Book"The New Bungalow Kitchen"2007  903
Book"The Real Fighting Stuff"2007  904
Book"With the Old Breed", E.B. Sledge2007  905
Book"Goodnight moon"c2008  906
Book"Guess How Much I Love You"c2008  907
Book"pat the bunny"c2008  908
Book"Printing by Hand"2008  909
Book"Uncle John's Unsinkable Bathroom Reader"2008  910
Book"Glenn Beck's Common Sense"2009  911
Book"Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA's Spytechs, from Communism to Al-Qaeda"2009  912
Book"The Colt Pocket Hammerless Automatic Pistols II"c2009  913
Book"U.S. M1 Carbines, Wartime Production, 5th Revised and Expanded Edition"c2009  914
Book"A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier: Some Adventures, Dangers, and Sufferings of Joseph Plumb Martin"2010  915
Book"American Web Equipment: 1910-1967"2010  916
Book"Challenge for the Pacific: Guadalcanal"2010  917
Book"The Brown Bess; An Identification Guide and Illustrated Study of Britain's Most Famous Musket"2010  918
Book"The Gun"2010  919
Book"The Johnstown flood"c2010  920
Book"Homemade Soda"2011  921
Book"Native American Trail Marker Trees"2011  922
Book"Creative Concrete Ornaments for the Garden"c2012  923
Book"Revolutionary Secrets: Cryptology in the American Revolution"c2012  924
Book"Betrayed: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy SEAL's Father"2013  925
Book"Concrete Garden Projects"2013  926
Book"Gardening for Geeks"2013  927
Book"George Washington's Secret Six", Kilmeade and Yeager2013  928
Book"Organic Fiber Dyeing: The Colonial Williamsburg Method"2013  929
Book"Sharing the Burden: Women in Cryptology during World War II"c2013  930
Book"World War II U.S. Made, Fully Machine-Embroidered, Cut-Edge, Shoulder Sleeve Insignia"2014  931
Book"Early Seating Upholstery"2015  932
Book"George Bickham's Penmanship made easy, or, The young clerk's assistant"2016  933
Book"Manufacturing Independence: Industrial Innovation in the American Revolution"2016  934
Book"Threads of Feeling"2016  935
Book"A guide to artifacts of colonial America"c2017  936
Book"The Square and the Tower"2018  937
Book"Listening to the Rumrunners"c2020  938
Book"1,000 Places to See Before You Die"* 939
Book"18th Century Embroidery Techniques"  940
Book"2002 Los Angeles So. California Restaurants"* 941
Book"A Bridge Too Far"* 942
Book"A Christmas Story: The Book That Inspired the Hilarious Classic Film"* 943
Book"A clash of kings"  944
Book"A Feast for Crows"  945
Book"A Field Guide to American Houses"* 946
Book"A game of thrones"  947
Book"A New Owner's Guide to Poodles"  948
Book"A Short History of World War II"* 949
Book"A Storm of Swords"  950
Book"A Writer's Reference (Internet Edition)"* 951
Book"About Face: The Odyssey of an American Warrior"* 952
Book"Achtung - Panzer! (Cassell Military Classics)"* 953
Book"AD Skyraider in action"  954
Book"Afrikakorps self portrait"  955
Book"Airborne Assault: Parachute Forces in Action, 1940-910"  956
Book"Airborne: Assault from the Sky"  957
Book"American Heritage New History of World War II"* 958
Book"American Medals and Decorations"  959
Book"American Thunder: The Military Thompson Submachine Guns - 2nd edition"  960
Book"Ancient Greece: From Prehistoric to Hellenistic Times (Yale Nota Bene)"* 961
Book"Angels and Demons"  962
Book"Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry: Covers 1840-1950"  963
Book"Antique American Clocks & Watches"  964
Book"Arms and Armor of the Medieval Knight"  965
Book"Atlas Shrugged"* 966
Book"Bantam New College German/English Dictionary (Bantam New College Dictionary Series)"* 967
Book"Beer: A History of Suds and Civilization from Mesopotamia to Microbreweries"  968
Book"Bella Cosa: Pocket Watches (The Bella Cosa Library)"  969
Book"Berkut,the"  970
Book"Big Needle"  971
Book"Birds"  972
Book"Black Edelweiss: A Memoir of Combat and Conscience by a Soldier of the Waffen-SS"* 973
Book"BMW 3 Series Service Manual: 1992-1998"  974
Book"Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency"* 975
Book"Bravo Two Zero"* 976
Book"Brewing the World's Great Beers: A Step-By-Step Guide"* 977
Book"Building Simple Model Steam Engines"  978
Book"Bungalow Bathrooms"* 979
Book"Bungalow Kitchens"* 980
Book"Burma, 1942"  981
Book"Calculus & Analytical Geometry: Single Variable Version (Part 1- Chapters 1-7)"* 982
Book"California Gardening Rhythms"* 983
Book"California's Gardener's Guide"* 984
Book"Calvin und Hobbes, Kleinausgabe, Bd.1, Auf dem Sprung"  985
Book"Caring for Your Old House: A Guide for Owners and Residents"  986
Book"Cassell's French and English dictionary"* 987
Book"Cassell's German-English, English-German dictionary"* 988
Book"Cinema Year by Year, 1894-2002"* 989
Book"Clash of Eagles"  991
Book"Clock Repairing As a Hobby"* 992
Book"Clocks & Watches", EJ Tyler  993
Book"Clocks and Watches", Smith  994
Book"Collector's Encyclopedia of Pendant and Pocket Watches 1500-1950: Identification and Values"* 995
Book"Creative Problem Solving and Opportunity Finding (Decision Making and Operations Management)"  996
Book"CW2"  997
Book"D-Day, June 6, 1944"* 998
Book"Delta Force: The Army's Elite Counterterrorist Unit"* 999
Book"Der Adler der Neunten Legion"  1000
Book"Desert rats"  1001
Book"Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers", John Walter  1002
Book"Die Entwicklung der Unarten : [Cartoons]."  1003
Book"Disorder in the Court: Great Fractured Moments in Courtroom History"* 1004
Book"Dragon"* 1005
Book"Eichmann in My Hands"  1006
Book"Encyclopedia of the Second World War"  1007
Book"Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad"  1008
Book"Eyes Behind the Lines"* 1009
Book"F-14 Tomcat"  1010
Book"First Recon-Second to None: A Marine Reconnaissance Battalion 1967-1968"  1011
Book"Fists of Steel (Third Reich)"  1012
Book"Force Recon Diary, 1969"  1013
Book"Force Recon Diary, 1970"* 1014
Book"Fossils: A Guide to Prehistoric Life (A Golden nature guide)"* 1015
Book"Frankenstein"  1016
Book"Frommer's Greek Islands"* 1017
Book"Generation Kill"* 1018
Book"German Infantry in Action"  1019
Book"Greece"* 1020
Book"Grow the best peppers"* 1021
Book"Guide Book of U.S. Coins-85 Red (Guide Book of U.S. Coins: The Official Redbook)"  1022
Book"Guide to Mammals"  1023
Book"Gumpisms: The Wit and Wisdom of Forrest Gump"* 1024
Book"Guns, Crime, and Freedom"  1025
Book"H&R Arms 1871-1986"  1026
Book"Harrier in Action"  1027
Book"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"* 1028
Book"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"* 1029
Book"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"* 1030
Book"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5)"* 1031
Book"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3)"* 1032
Book"Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone"* 1033
Book"Hawaiian Reptiles and Amphibians"  1034
Book"Helmet for My Pillow", Robert Leckie* 1035
Book"History of Clocks and Watches", Bruton  1036
Book"History of the U.S. Army"  1037
Book"Home Machinists Handbook"* 1038
Book"HTML: The Definitive Guide (Nutshell Handbook)"* 1039
Book"Human Anatomy & Physiology (5th Edition)"* 1040
Book"I Was There"* 1041
Book"IBM WebSphere: Deployment and Advanced Configuration"* 1042
Book"Information Systems Management in Practice"  1043
Book"Insect Pests (A Golden guide)"  1044
Book"Instant Java Applets"* 1045
Book"Interview With the Vampire"* 1046
Book"Into the Storm: A Study in Command (Commander's)"* 1047
Book"JavaScript Definitive Guide"* 1048
Book"Ju 87 Stuka in action"  1049
Book"Just Enough Unix"* 1050
Book"Katherine"* 1051
Book"Last of the Breed"* 1052
Book"Last Run"* 1053
Book"Lathe Work"  1054
Book"Lonely Planet Greek Phrasebook: With Two-Way Dictionary"* 1055
Book"Lutherbibel"  1056
Book"Make Me a Map of the Valley: The Civil War Journal of Stonewall Jackson's Topographer"* 1057
Book"Managing Humans"  1058
Book"Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches"  1059
Book"May the Lord in His Mercy be Kind to Belfast"  1060
Book"Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War"* 1061
Book"Mercenaries, Pirates and Sovereigns"* 1062
Book"Messerschmitt BF 109 in Action (Pt. 2) (Aircraft in Action Ser.)"  1063
Book"Messerschmitt BF 109 in Action Part 1"  1064
Book"MG-34 - MG-42"  1065
Book"MH & xmh : E-mail for Users & Programmers"  1066
Book"Midway: The Battle That Doomed Japan, the Japanese Navy's Story"* 1067
Book"Mobilization"  1068
Book"Nazi Regalia" (copy 1)  1069
Book"Nazi Regalia" (copy 2)  1070
Book"New Lexicon-Webster's Dictionary of English Languages"  1071
Book"New Webster's Practical English Handbook"  1072
Book"New Webster's Spelling Dictionary"  1073
Book"New Webster's Thesaurus"  1074
Book"New Websters Computer Terms"  1075
Book"Nice 'n Easy French Grammar"* 1076
Book"Olson's Encyclopedia of small arms"  1077
Book"On the Road"* 1078
Book"On War", von Clausewitz* 1079
Book"Operation Dragon-Sim"  1080
Book"Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland"* 1081
Book"Panther in Action"  1082
Book"Patios and Walkways 1-2-3"* 1083
Book"Pegasus Bridge"* 1084
Book"Philadelphia: A 300-Year History"* 1085
Book"Prince Caspian"* 1086
Book"Principles of Information Systems: A Managerial Approach"  1087
Book"Rand McNally The Road Atlas: US, Canada, Mexico"* 1088
Book"Ranger School, No Excuse Leadership"  1089
Book"Rangers at War"* 1090
Book"Redoute's Finest Flowers in Embroidery"* 1091
Book"Renegades : Hitler's Englishmen"* 1092
Book"Reptiles of North America"* 1093
Book"Running a Milling Machine"  1094
Book"Scalable internet architecture"  1095
Book"Scots Dictionary (Collins Gem)"* 1096
Book"Seashells of the World"  1097
Book"Secret Messages: Concealment, Codes, and Other Types of Ingenious Communication"* 1098
Book"See No Evil"* 1099
Book"Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardeners"  1100
Book"Seizing Amber"* 1101
Book"Seven Days in January: With the 6th SS-Mountain Division in Operation NORDWIND"* 1102
Book"Sherman in Action"  1103
Book"Sleeping With Your Ears Open"* 1104
Book"Society: The Basics"* 1105
Book"Sociology: Concepts and Uses"* 1106
Book"Soldat: Reflections of a German Soldier, 1936-1949"* 1107
Book"Southern California Off the Beaten Path, 6th"* 1108
Book"Spandau Phoenix"  1109
Book"Special Edition Using Java (Using ... (Que))"  1110
Book"Spotter's Guide to Rocks and Minerals"  1111
Book"SS Regalia"  1112
Book"Step-By-Step Book About Iguanas (Step-By-Step Book About Series)"* 1113
Book"Storm Warning"  1114
Book"Storming to Power (Third Reich)"  1115
Book"Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary: 12th Edition"  1116
Book"Table Saw Basics", Cliffe  1117
Book"Teaching school: Points picked up : a book for anyone who is teaching, wants to teach, or knows a teacher"  1118
Book"The 1998 What Color Is Your Parachute"* 1119
Book"The Art of War", Sun Tzu* 1120
Book"The Bad Beginning"* 1121
Book"The Barbecue! Bible"  1122
Book"The Best Test Preparation for the Advanced Placement Examination: European History"  1123
Book"The boys from Brazil"  1124
Book"The case against the Fed"  1125
Book"The Chancellor Manuscript"* 1126
Book"The Company they Keep : Life Inside the U.S. Army Special Forces"* 1127
Book"The complete black powder handbook"  1128
Book"The Crack"  1129
Book"The Dangerous Book for Boys"* 1130
Book"The Forensic Casebook: The Science of Crime Scene Investigation"* 1131
Book"The Foxfire book"  1132
Book"The Great Book of Modern Warplanes"  1133
Book"The Hardware Cyclopedia"* 1134
Book"The Hill"* 1135
Book"The Holcroft Covenant"  1136
Book"The Horse and His Boy"* 1137
Book"The International Dictionary of Clocks"  1138
Book"The Killer Angels"* 1139
Book"The Last Battle"* 1140
Book"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"* 1141
Book"The Longest Day: The Classic Epic of D-Day"* 1142
Book"The Magician's Nephew"* 1143
Book"The Making of the Atomic Bomb"  1144
Book"The Man in the High Castle"* 1145
Book"The Metalworker's Benchtop Reference Manual"  1146
Book"The Napoleonic wars"* 1147
Book"The Napoleonic Wars" Part 2* 1148
Book"The Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots"  1149
Book"The New Book of Knowledge World War II"  1150
Book"The New Webster's Quotation Dictionary"  1151
Book"The Norton Anthology of American Literature"* 1152
Book"The Norton Shakespeare: Based on the Oxford Edition"* 1153
Book"The Order of the Death's Head"  1154
Book"The Oxford Greek Dictionary (Essential Resource Library)"* 1155
Book"The Rape of Europa: The Fate of Europe's Treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War"* 1156
Book"The Reach for Empire (Third Reich)"  1157
Book"The Reptile Room"* 1158
Book"The Rommel Papers"* 1159
Book"The Scottish Soldier"  1160
Book"The Silver Chair"* 1161
Book"The SS (Third Reich Series)"  1162
Book"The Trail of the Fox"  1163
Book"The Voyage of the Dawn Treader"* 1164
Book"Thunder Point", Jack Higgens* 1165
Book"Tiger Ace/the Life Story of Panzer Commander Michael Wittmann"  1166
Book"To Be a U.S. Army Ranger"* 1167
Book"Tom Clancy's Op-Center"* 1168
Book"Traditional Greek Cookery Book"  1169
Book"Traditional Samplers"* 1170
Book"Trainspotting"* 1171
Book"Uniforms of World War II"* 1172
Book"Unix in a Nutshell: System V & Solaris 2.0"* 1174
Book"UNIX Power Tools"* 1175
Book"Up the Organization: How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits"  1176
Book"Upgrading and Repairing PCs 6th Edition"  1177
Book"US Special Forces"  1178
Book"Vengeance"  1179
Book"Volcanoes and Earthquakes"  1180
Book"War Slang: Fighting Words and Phrases of Americans from the Civil War to the Gulf War"  1181
Book"Watch Repairing: Cleaning and Adjusting", Garrard  1182
Book"Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World. Volume 2."  1183
Book"Western Garden Book"* 1184
Book"What Clothes Reveal: The Language of Clothing in Colonial and Federal America"* 1185
Book"What to Expect When You're Expecting, Third Edition"* 1186
Book"White Dial Clocks The Complete Guide"* 1187
Book"Wie geht's?: An introductory German course"  1188
Book"Wie Geht'S?"* 1189
Book"Windsor Chairs"* 1190
Book"X Users Guide Motif R5 (Definitive Guides to the X Window System)"* 1191
Book"Yard & Garden Basics (Better Homes and Gardens(R): Step-By-Step Series)"* 1192
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