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Name "The Young Man's Best Companion"
Catalog ID HCM1399
Description "The Young Man's Best Companion and Book of General Knowledge; Containing English Grammar, Writing, Short Hand, Arithmetic, Accounts, Book-Keeping, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Gauging, Drawing, Geography, Chronology, and Rules for Improving Memory. General Observations on Gardening, for every month in the year. A brief Sketch of Naval and Military Affairs, an Account of the Various Religious Sects, with Lists of the most approved Books on each subject, Observations on Behaviour and Manners, with Rules for Conversation. Also a Choice Selection of the Most Useful and Important Receipts in the Different Branches of Art and Science. By L. Murray, F.A.S. London: Published by Thomas Kelly, 17, Paternoster-Row; Andd may be had of all Booksellers and Venders of Publications. 1822."

With several engravings. Leather spine with marbled boards. Boards loose, spine split. Several markings from owner James Kirby Lees (of Nottingham, England?), including Boy Scouts book plate.

See also "The Instructor: or Young Man's Best Companion".
Year 1822
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Dimensions 5.25x8.5