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Welcome to Heitritter Collections and Museum!

I've always wanted to have my own museum, so I finally opened one here. Many of my items can be viewed by the public. If I know you, you can register and I'll grant you access to more. I'm especially interested in meeting people who collect Holgate Toys. Please use the Register link at the top left to contact me, join my Holgate Toy Collectors group on Facebook, or send me a message: .

Recent Additions:
Toy: Holgate #1053 "Fairyland Prince", c1938-1940 added Thu, Oct 7th
Book: "Some Examples of English Handwriting", 1949 added Fri, Oct 1st
Book: "Books Will Speak Plain", Julia Miller, c2014 added Fri, Oct 1st
Toy: Possible Holgate Walking Animal, Dachshund, c1930-1940 added Wed, Sep 29th
Toy: Holgate #311 or #312 "Juniors Blocks" wagon (no blocks), c1936-1937 added Sat, Sep 25th
Toy: Holgate #130 "Sailor Peg Boat", in box, c1943-1946 added Thu, Sep 23rd
Toy: Holgate #1051 "Color Post", c1935 added Tue, Sep 14th
Toy: Holgate #1052 "Color Cone", partial, early, c1934-1935 added Wed, Sep 1st
Toy: Holgate #1052 "Color Cone", with Type 5 decal, c1951-1953 added Fri, Aug 20th
Toy: Holgate #1060 Color Cone Tree, type 2, type 5 decal, c1948-1953 added Thu, Aug 19th

Recent Updates:
Book: "Schulschießübungen für das Schießen mit dem leichten Maschinengewehr", 1938 updated Tue, Oct 12th
Book: "MG-34 - MG-42: German Universal Machineguns", Folke Myrvang, updated Mon, Oct 4th
Object: Phelps patent “unit lock”, monogrammed WHH, c1899 updated Tue, Sep 28th
Toy: Holgate #639 "Touring Sedan", near mint, c1941-1943 updated Tue, Sep 28th
Toy: Holgate #1204 "Raggedy Ann and Andy", 2008 limited edition, 2008 updated Tue, Sep 28th
Book: "German Radio Sets 1935-1945", 2004 updated Fri, Sep 24th
Toy: Holgate #130 Sailor Boy Peg Boat, c1950-1951 updated Thu, Sep 23rd
Tool: Watchmaker's 4" hacksaw, PS Stubs, c1790-1830 updated Thu, Sep 23rd
Toy: Holgate #81 Blox Kids, c1932-1934 updated Tue, Sep 21st
Periodical: "The Parents' Magazine", April, 1930, 1930 updated Thu, Sep 16th