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I've always wanted to have my own museum, so I finally opened one here. My Library is public. You'll have to register to gain access to the Museum. I'm especially interested in meeting people who collect Holgate Toys. Please use the Register link at the top left to contact me, join my Holgate Toy Collectors group on Facebook, or send me a message: .

Recent Additions:
Glassware: Orange Crush bottle, 1920s, c1920 added Fri, Jul 3rd
Toy: Holgate #1003 "Wheel Peg", early, c1938-1942 added Wed, Jun 17th
Book: "Marbled Paper, Its History, Techniques, and Patterns", 2018 added Fri, Jun 12th
Book: "Fleecestreet's Improved Pig Latin Grammar", miniature book, 1963 added Thu, Jun 11th
Book: "Pen, Ink, & Evidence", 1990 added Mon, Jun 8th
Toy: Holgate #1204 "Raggedy Ann and Andy Concentration Toys", c1943-1944 added Sat, May 30th
Book: "Bookworms: The Insect Pests of Books", c1985 added Wed, May 6th
Tool: H.B. Rouse & Co Lead and Rule cutter, c1900-1925 added Wed, Apr 22nd
Toy: Holgate #473 "Boole Blocks", c1931-1935 added Wed, Apr 22nd
Toy: Kilgore "Jewels for Playtings" white limousine, c1940 added Sat, Apr 18th

Recent Updates:
Toy: Holgate #1000 Betty Wood and Billy Wood (Betty only), c1937 updated Tue, Jul 14th
Book: "Infantry Tactics for Schools" (colored cover), 1863 updated Mon, Jul 13th
Toy: Unknown Holgate Play Cabinet, c1938 updated Sat, Jul 11th
Book: "E 9/1 Tornisterempfänger b Übersichtsblatt", 1940 updated Sat, Jun 27th
Printing Type: 48pt Virkotype Combination Monograms, updated Sun, Jun 21st
Object: Victorian door handle, monogrammed WHH, c1899 updated Mon, Jun 15th
Toy: Holgate #607 "Color Cone Peg Cart", c1938 updated Fri, Jun 12th
Toy: Holgate #1060 Color Cone Tree, type 2, unpainted trunk, c1946-1947 updated Wed, Jun 3rd
Photograph: "On the way", original photo of 2nd Marine Division 81MM mortar crew on Saipan, 1944 updated Mon, May 25th
Book: "The Hand-Book of Artillery, for the Service of the United States", Roberts, 1861 updated Tue, May 19th