HC&M: "The Gentlemans Calling", "The Ladies Calling"

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Name "The Gentlemans Calling", "The Ladies Calling"

Catalog ID HCM1313
Description Two books, "The Gentlemans Calling" (London, 1674) and "The Ladies Calling" (Oxford, 1675), both by "the Author of the Whole Duty of Man". Bound together. Spine cracked, small glue repair to part of spine.

Recent bookseller's paper slip, removed due to acid concerns:
"2 famous works of Stuart period on how to behave. Each separately published. Gentleman's Calling 1st edition was 1660. Extra engraved title. On gentlemen. advantages of education, wealth, reputation, etc. 2pp. with old marg. doodling. Ladies Calling is 3rd edition. 1st edition was 1673. Extra engraved title. On modesty, meekness, compassion, affability, piety, wives, virgins, widows. 2pp. with bit of old marg. doodling. Calf worn. no free eps. or flys. Gd."

GATE Club 2017.
Year circa 1674-1675
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