HC&M: Holgate #1048 "Junior Craftsman Apron", in box

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Name Holgate #1048 "Junior Craftsman Apron", in box

Catalog ID HCM5371
Year circa 1941
Description Uncommon set of beads, with cloth apron. The striped apron only appears in the 1941 catalog. Set contains the apron, three strings (brown, yellow, and blue: the brown may be faded red?), and ten each of the following beads:
red spheres
orange octagons
yellow squares
green circles (cylinders)
blue ovals (elongated spheres)
purple triangles

Box is two-piece yellow cardboard, with blue printing and brown-steel reinforced corners. The front right corner is of the top is separated, as are two (verify) of the corners of the bottom. Box top has two small holes, one each on the top center of the right and left edge. This has not been seen on other boxes. There is a small sticker from Miller & Paine, Lincoln, Neb., on the edge.

Purchased four lots from the same seller:
Holgate #640 "Jack Rabbit Bus", Type II, with box
Holgate #666 "The Army Six by Six", in box
Holgate #669 "'155 M. M.' Tank", blue star variation, with box
Holgate #1048 "Junior Craftsman Apron", in box

I believe at least two of the four lots may be factory seconds. The sticker on this one is evidence that it is not, and may also indicate the group was compiled by a collector in PA.
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