HC&M: Holgate #678 Holgate Dump Truck, new, in box

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Name Holgate #678 Holgate Dump Truck, new, in box

Catalog ID HCM3952
Year circa 1946-1949
Description Blue-painted maple, with metal axles. Unused/mint condition. Two men are blue/green painted soldiers with helmets, from the war years. Type 4c decal (dt4c) on left side of cab. See Holgate #678 Holgate Dump Truck for another example.

Cream-colored cardboard box has red printing and white metal reinforced edges. One end says, "No. 678 DUMP TRUCK | * | A strong action toy. A tractor | with Dumping Trailer for | dramatic play | * | Age group 4 to 10 years | MADE IN U.S.A.".

Also contains green/black printed pamphlet (undated).
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Dimensions 12x4x4