HC&M: Holgate #678 Holgate Dump Truck

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Name Holgate #678 Holgate Dump Truck

Catalog ID HCM1528
Year circa 1946-1949
Description Holgate dump truck, #678, with blue paint, decorated with the three-tree holgate logo over "HOLGATE TOYS" on the side of the bin, and "HOLGATE" on the right side of the cab, with the yellow MADE IN U.S.A." decal (dt4c) on the left side. With pull-string and red ball for activating the bin, but no front pull string or people.

See Holgate #678 Holgate Dump Truck, new, in box for NIB example.

Cab was sold with the car carrier in auction Holgate #638 Auto Convoy Trailer (late narrow trailer).
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