Holgate Toys Decals and Logos 1929-Present

This guide can be used to date most Holgate Toys to within a year or two. I believe it is the most accurate guide available.

These decals and other logos are from my collection, unless noted, with date ranges gleaned from a combination of toys and catalogs (I have catalogs from 30+ different years, and am looking for more). The initial year is the earliest reference to that decal that I can find. The last year is typically right before the introduction of a new decal, though there was likely some overlap.

Image Type (click to see toys) Primary (secondary) colors Years Text Notes
Decal Type 1 Decal Type 1 Gold (black) 1933 EDUCATIONAL | PLAY | MATERIALS | KANE, PA., U.S.A. Found on Holgate Ferry, Jerry Blocks, and a Peg Board
Decal Type 2 Decal Type 2 Gold (black) 1934 HOLGATE TOYS | MADE BY HOLGATE BROTHERS CO. | KANE, PA.
Decal Type 3 Decal Type 3 Gold (black) 1934-1935 HOLGATE TOYS | KANE | PA.U.S.A.
Decal Type 4a Decal Type 4a Black (gold) 1936-1937 EDUCATIONAL | STURDY | SAFE | HOLGATE | TOYS Black ring, 0 stars
Decal Type 4b Decal Type 4b Gold (black) 1938-1942 EDUCATIONAL | STURDY | SAFE | HOLGATE | TOYS 9 stars
Decal Type 4c Decal Type 4c Yellow (black) 1943-1947 EDUCATIONAL | STURDY | SAFE | MADE IN U.S.A. | HOLGATE | TOYS 4 stars
Decal Type 4b (large) Decal Type 4b-large Gold (black) 1938-1941 EDUCATIONAL | STURDY | SAFE | HOLGATE | TOYS 9 stars; Large size, only known on pails (#208, #209, and possibly #220)
Decal Type 5 Decal Type 5 White (blue/orange) 1948-1951+ holgate toys
Decal Type 6 Decal Type 6 Blue (white/orange) 1952-1959? holgate Large rectangle with logo "h"; Seen in 1959 catalog, but likely phased out with Playskool purchase in 1958. See #688.

I had originally planned on only cataloging the Decals found on toys. I'm expanding that to include all Logos found on toys or packaging, which are used to indicate the brand, and not just a design element of the toy.

Logos below this line are still being investigated as of 11/2020, so please be patient as dates are updated and new logos are added. Also, please note that the numbering may change to account for new logos or to better align with the time frames.

Logo Type 1 Logo Type 1 1920s-? HOLGATE | SINCE 1789 Does not mention "Toys"
Logo Type 2 Logo Type 2 1930-? MADE BY | Holgate Bros. Co. | Kane | Pa. Does not mention "Toys"; found on only one early toy in Ronald Simkoff Collection; also found on two plaques in my collection, including one attributed to Jarvis Rockwell
Logo Type 3 - R. Simkoff Collection Logo Type 3 1932-1933 MADE IN AMERICA | HOLGATE-TOYS | SINCE 1789 | BY AMERICAN WORKMEN Sticker; not found on toys; found only on three toy boxes, one in the Ronald Simkoff Collection, the other two are known to be pre-1934.
Logo Type 4a Logo Type 4a Various 1959-1962 holgate painted, sometimes also impressed
Logo Type 4b Logo Type 4b Various 1959-1962 holgate toys painted, sometimes also impressed
Logo Type 4c Logo Type 4c Various 1953 holgate "h" is the stylized giraffe; painted single-color version of Decal Type 6. Image from online auction.
Logo Type 5 Logo Type 5 1959-1960 TEACH A TOT TOYS | holgate painted
Logo Type 6a Logo Type 6a 1991 HOLGATE TOY CO. | MADE IN USA Tree logo
Logo Type 6b Logo Type 6b 1992 HOLGATE TOY CO. | KANE PA | MADE IN USA Tree logo
Logo Type 7a Logo Type 7a (branded) (>1989) HOLGATE | MADE IN USA | KANE, PA
Logo Type 7b Logo Type 7b (impressed) 1996 HOLGATE | KANE, PA | MADE IN USA
Image Coming Soon Logo Type 7c (impressed) 1996? HOLGATE | KANE, PA | MADE IN USA Same as 7b, but with "HOLGATE" in the same typeface as in Type 8
Logo Type 8a Logo Type 8a ~1999 SINCE 1789 | HOLGATE | MADE IN USA Stamped. Image from online auction.
Logo Type 8b Logo Type 8b 1999 SINCE 1789 | HOLGATE | www.holgatetoy.com | MADE IN USA Stamped
Logo Type 9 Logo Type 9 1991 HOLGATE Painted in a typeface similar to Logo Type 8b, but with more space between characters.
Logo Type 10 Logo Type 10 2008 ? This is a (not exact) negative image of Decal Type 4b, but likely painted directly on the toys. Found on 2008 reproduction of #1202 Raggedy Ann and Andy. Decal image from online auction.
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