HC&M: Holgate #311 or #312 Junior Blocks Wagon (likely)

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Name Holgate #311 or #312 Junior Blocks Wagon (likely)

Catalog ID HCM5893
Year circa 1939-1940
Description Unusually small wagon, which fits 8 Oblongs, likely #311 or #312, which held 12 blocks, and were found in the 1936-1937 literature. This wagon has a red and blue marching soldier motif, with nine soldiers on each side, and two on each end, flanking a panel which says "HOLGATE | JUNIORS", with a small cat below.

A short length of white string remains. The original bottom is missing, and a longer piece of wood has been nailed to the bottom edge, instead of fitting in the slots in the ends. The wheels are only 2.5" in diameter, and feature a simple ring of blue paint. Hubs are steel. Sides are held by eight small round-head screws. Damage to corners, and a dab of white paint on rear left corner.

Construction is similar to Holgate #352 Wagon with 16 Colored Junior Blocks, but sides are slightly taller.

Original-style bottom should be restored.
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Dimensions 14x6.5x4