HC&M: Holgate #352 Wagon with 16 Colored Junior Blocks

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Name Holgate #352 Wagon with 16 Colored Junior Blocks

Catalog ID HCM5316
Year circa 1939-1940
Description Wooden wagon with 16 colored blocks. Green woven pull-string, attached at two points in the front panel. Front and back feature two dogs and a "HOLGATE | JUNIORS" sign. The sides feature three boys, two girls, and a dog. The children are dressed in Revolutionary War-era clothing, and one boy is riding a toy horse, holding a flag that says "HOLGATE | 1789".

Complete with 16 blocks:
5 Oblongs (2 red, 2 blue, 1 green)
5 Squares (2 red, 2 green, 1 blue)
2 Doublongs (green, orange)
2 Columns (yellow)
1 Gothic Arch (green)
1 Half-circle (yellow)

Appears in the catalogs in 1939-40, but with slightly different wheels.

Original owner says she grew up in Middletown, OH (and was born 1936-1937, by her age).
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