HC&M: Holgate #250 "Battle Cruiser"

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Name Holgate #250 "Battle Cruiser"

Catalog ID HCM5749
Year circa 1942
Description Blue-grey painted battle cruiser, with minimal screen-printing (only on the sides of the main part of the superstructure, and on the decks. The decks are otherwise unpainted, and have a very-raised grain, leading to deterioration of much of the screen printing, especially on the fore-deck, which is an applied piece of solid wood.

The Holgate "Battle Cruiser" has not been found in any catalogs, but is listed in "Holgate Toy Selector" and pictured in "Holgate Toys of Today".

Most surprising, is the remains of a Type 4c decal (dt4c), which has, until now, been believed to have been introduced in 1943.

Peg attaching the aft two-gun turret appears to be a replacement, and is too long.

When purchased, had a small, unpainted turret, with a black gun, attached to the bow with a nail.
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Dimensions 14.5x3.75x4.5