HC&M: Holgate #1037 "Baby Choo-Choo", with pull-string and ball

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Name Holgate #1037 "Baby Choo-Choo", with pull-string and ball

Catalog ID HCM5421
Year circa 1943-1946
Description A variant of the #1037, having a plain finish with a blue silkscreened design on the sides. The sides of the cab have "HOLGATE | TOY", with "1037" above the front wheels. A type 4c decal (dt4c) is on the front of the boiler. The yellow-woven pull-string has a red ball. The engineer is missing.

There is difficulty in assigning a date, due to the lack of several features in any of the catalogs: the printed design, the location of the decal, the lack of metal details, and the method of attaching the string (through a vertical hole in the cow-catcher, instead of a tack to the front of the boiler). The decal seems to indicate 1943 at the earliest, and the lack of steel (other than two finishing nails holding the boiler) may indicate wartime production. I'm not readily aware of a yellow woven pull-string being used during the war, although study is needed.
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