HC&M: Holgate #262 "Noah's Ark"

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Name Holgate #262 "Noah's Ark"

Catalog ID HCM5412
Year circa 1940-1941
Description Holgate's sixth Ark. Still a large toy, though slightly smaller than Holgate #260 "Noah's Ark". This ark is characterized by its gambrel roof, and bars over the windows. An intact type 4b decal (dt4b) is present on each side.

Includes all 12 pairs of animals, plus "Mr. and Mrs. Noah."

Yellow z-twist pull cord is present, though the ball is missing. (I would have expected a tri-color pull-cord in this period).

Front left axle may be slightly bent upwards. Axles are bright steel, with an "H" on the end. I haven't seen (noticed) these on any other toys.
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Dimensions 21.5x8x9.25