HC&M: Holgate #260 "Noah's Ark"

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Name Holgate #260 "Noah's Ark"

Catalog ID HCM5145
Year circa 1939
Description Large wooden ark with four wheels and Nordic styling. Missing the gangplank, but removable roof, and pull-string with ball are intact. Decal type 4b (dt4b) on side.

Animals present:
2 elephants
2 hippos
2 gazelles (?)
2 buffalo (?)
1 camel
1 dog
1 lion
1 bear
1 giraffe
1 cow

Catalog photo shows 9 pairs of animals, plus "Mr. and Mrs. Noah." I believe the cow may be extraneous. That would mean the set is missing the two humans, and one each of the camel, dog, lion, bear, and giraffe. Note: the 1940 Ark 12 pairs of animals, including cows.

Update 2022/02: I discovered another of these, but with a complete set of 10 pairs of animals, including cows. It also has a single single-sided donkey (which may be spurious?).

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Dimensions 28x8x10