HC&M: Holgate #354 "24 Junior Blocks in Wagon, Plain"

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Name Holgate #354 "24 Junior Blocks in Wagon, Plain"

Catalog ID HCM5410
Year circa 1939-1940
Description As seen in the 1939 and 1940 catalogs, although with a longer wheel-base: the wagons in the catalog appear to be made with two cross-bars underneath, which support the wheels. This one has a single cross-bar, and the wheels are secured into the sides of the end pieces. This is similar to Holgate #352 Wagon with 16 Colored Junior Blocks, although that smaller wagon has no cross-bar.

The blocks are complete, and appear unused.

The wagon shows little wear, but possible water damage (though no apparent discoloration) and repairs. There are two Phillips-head screws on securing the center crossbar, which appear to be added, and two flat-head screws in the bottom which may be added as well. The bottom is slightly warped.

Came with Holgate Toys Junior Blocks instructions.
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