HC&M: Holgate #132 "Nesting Cup Cart" (type I), with box

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Name Holgate #132 "Nesting Cup Cart" (type I), with box
Catalog ID HCM5322
Year circa 1941
Description This is the earliest version of the nesting cup cart, with only three graduated cups and a peg. As in the later types, such as Holgate #132 "Nesting Cup Cart" (type II), with box, the larger the diameter of the peg or cup, the shorter in height it is. The red is 3" diameter by 7/8" high. The Yellow is 1 3/4" by 1 7/8". The Blue is 1 3/8" by 2 7/8", and the green peg is 7/8" by 3 7/8" high.

The pull string and ball are missing. The toy is worn, but otherwise complete.

The box is two-piece with blue steel reinforcements all four corners of both pieces.
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Dimensions 13x5.5x2.25