HC&M: Holgate #H1400 "Airport" 20-piece Puzzle Plaque

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Name Holgate #H1400 "Airport" 20-piece Puzzle Plaque

Catalog ID HCM5026
Year circa 1960-1964
Description Unknown 20-piece puzzle, in original cardboard box with separated but intact cellophane. Some damage to lower center of box, and one small flap detached. Puzzle itself is in mint condition, and says "holgate | AIRPORT | 20 Piece" at the bottom.

Box is different from other Puzzle Plaque boxes in the collection in that it doesn't have the "h" giraffe logo in the corners. Price is $1.50. Has "Goldsmith's" price tag for $1.00 on lower right corner.

"34 1" stamped on the back.

An unusual dark impression of the spaces between the pieces of Holgate #H1400 "Farm" 8-piece Puzzle Plaque can be seen on the bottom of the box.

Part of the "H1400 Assortment" (or "H1400A"). I believe these were rebranded Playskool puzzles. Research needed. "holgate" doesn't appear on the puzzle in the catalog until 1962.
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Dimensions 11.5x9