HC&M: Holgate #H1400 "Farm" 8-piece Puzzle Plaque

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Name Holgate #H1400 "Farm" 8-piece Puzzle Plaque

Catalog ID HCM5025
Year circa 1960-1964
Description Unknown 8-piece puzzle, in original cardboard box with shattered (in shipping) cellophane. Puzzle itself is in mint condition, and says "holgate | FARM | 8 Piece" at the bottom.

Box is different from other Puzzle Plaque boxes in the collection in that it doesn't have the "h" giraffe logo in the corners. Price is $1.50.

Part of the "H1400 Assortment". I believe these were rebranded Playskool puzzles. Research needed. "holgate" doesn't appear on the puzzle in the catalog until 1962.
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Dimensions 11.5x9