HC&M: Holgate #784 "Bridge Blocks" in box, incomplete

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Name Holgate #784 "Bridge Blocks" in box, incomplete
Catalog ID HCM4881
Year circa 1940
Description From the 1940 catalog. A slightly different version appears in the 1939 catalog.

14 beams (4 missing)
7 pegs (1 missing)
2 ramps
2 roads
1 large octagonal base with peg
1 small base with 2 pegs and a hole
1 large flat square (should there be 2?)
0 small flat squares (2 missing?)

1 extra strip of wood, likely extraneous.

Instruction sheet included, but has loss to both sides.

Box intact with relatively little wear, though many swasticas drawn in pencil on the inside bottom.

See Holgate #784 "Bridge Blocks" in box for another example.
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Dimensions 15.5x11.5x2