HC&M: Holgate #784 "Bridge Blocks" in box

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Name Holgate #784 "Bridge Blocks" in box

Catalog ID HCM4434
Year circa 1940
Description Set of green-painted wooden blocks, with paper instructions for building several types of bridges. Appears complete, with 18 beams
8 pegs
2 ramps
2 roads
1 large octagonal base with hole (should have peg?)
1 small base with 2 pegs and a hole
1 large flat square (should there be 2?)
2 small flat squares

Two piece manila box (card top, corrugated bottom), with blued-steel reinforced corners. Some water damage to box top.

See Holgate #784 "Bridge Blocks" in box, incomplete for another example.
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Dimensions 15.25x11.25x1.75