HC&M: Possible early Holgate 48 Plain Junior Blocks in wagon

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Name Possible early Holgate 48 Plain Junior Blocks in wagon

Catalog ID HCM4869
Year circa 1929-1933
Description This wagon appears to be an early Junior Blocks wagon. It included blocks that do not seem to go with the set, as well as blocks that appear to be Junior Blocks, but are not normal sizes.

The wagon itself is very similar in construction to Holgate #427 "54 Junior Blocks in Wagon, Plain" and others. The woven pull cord is a slightly different construction, but is the same length. It is attached in the same manner, though the hole spacing is different. The wheels and hubs are nearly identical on first inspection (need to investigate actual construction).

The biggest difference, besides unit-dimension difference (longer and more narrow), is that this wagon appears to be made of oak (beech?), and is completely unmarked.

The inside of the wagon is 2 units wide by 3 3/4 units long.

Blocks included:
8 Oblongs
7 Squares
8 Diagonals
2 Trapezoids
1 Gothic Arch
1 Half Circle
2 Byzantine Arches
2 Buttresses
2 Pillars
2 Columns
6 Panels
6 (long Panels, 3/4 unit longer)

I believe this is a 48-block wagon, and would have come with one more Square block.

See Possible early Holgate Colored Junior Blocks in wagon for similar wagon, but colored blocks.
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