HC&M: Holgate #427 "54 Junior Blocks in Wagon, Plain"

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Name Holgate #427 "54 Junior Blocks in Wagon, Plain"

Catalog ID HCM4742
Year circa 1934-1935
Description Very large wagon, with wooden hubs, red wheels, and "HOLGATE | JUNIOR BLOCKS" with a flower in green on both sides. Assembled with very low TPI wood screws, 2 of the 3 are missing from the rear right corner, and additional nails have been added.

Remains of a type 2 decal (dt2) on the front. This is the first wagon I've seen with a decal.

This wagon does not have the full complement of blocks. See Holgate #428 54 Colored Junior Blocks in Wagon, no pull-string for example of a complete set.

Set contains 48 plain blocks:
15 Oblongs
8 Squares
3 Diagonals
6 Columns
4 Panels
4 Arches
4 Buttresses
2 Arches
2 Half Circles

Some insect damage to top surface of the wagon bottom.
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Dimensions 21.25x18x5.75