HC&M: Holgate #428 54 Colored Junior Blocks in Wagon

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Name Holgate #428 54 Colored Junior Blocks in Wagon
Catalog ID HCM4315
Description Very large (35-unit) unpainted wagon with silkscreened “HOLGATE | JUNIOR BLOCKS” over a small flower, in green, on both sides. Otherwise, unmarked. Early red wheels with wooden hubs. Ends are slotted for bottom, sides are not. Holes in front panel for rope, but rope is missing.

4-inch wheels, 1.25" wooden hubs.

Complete with 54 blocks:
16 Oblongs (red, blue, green)
8 Squares (yellow, red, blue) (green???)
4 Diagonals (red, blue)
6 Panels (red, yellow, green)
4 Byzantine Arches (red)
4 Buttresses (blue)
2 Gothic Arches (green)
2 Half Circles (yellow)

Year circa 1934-1935
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Dimensions 15x21.25