HC&M: Holgate Bros. Raggedy Ann and Andy plaque

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Name Holgate Bros. Raggedy Ann and Andy plaque

Catalog ID HCM4674
Year circa 1930-1933
Description A plaque made of high-quality 3/8" thick plywood, with a six-color screen printing of Raggedy Ann and Andy in a floral wreath, with an insect or spider swinging from a swing in a spider web at the top. There's a hole for hanging it at the top, and the copyright "(C) J.G." (Johnny Gruelle, 1880-1938, the creator), at the bottom.

On the back is the scarce Four-nailed-panel logo, with "MADE BY | Holgate Bros. Co. | Kane | Pa." in small caps (hlt2). This logo is also seen on Maple tray with ship painting, as well as an early toy in the Ronald Simkoff Collection.
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Dimensions 8x10.375x.375