HC&M: Maple tray with ship painting

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Name Maple tray with ship painting

Catalog ID HCM3721
Year circa 1940
Description An interesting tray made out of maple, with a mahogany (?) border. Black painting (printed?) of a small sailing ship in center. Some flakes of paint missing. Repaired damage to border. Missing corner blocks on bottom. Mounting holes from hanging on a wall on back of frame. Screen printed (?, same as front) black label to back, "MADE BY | HOLGATE BROS. CO. | KANE | PA." (hlt2), each line on what appears to be a board with pairs of nails. Need to categorize this label (dtX?). Have I seen it before? Update: this is also found on a very early toy owned by Ronnie Simkoff.

From auction:
"This tray was made by Holgate in Kane PA and painted by Jarvis Rockwell (Norman's brother). Jarvis was known for his interest in ships. I was at an auction in Kane PA about 25 years ago [~1992] and they had two of these trays - one was signed by Jarvis, this one wasn't. It measures 18 1/4" by 12 1/2 inches. There is what appears to be a repair to the edge of the tray (pictured) and there is some paint loss to the ship which is pictured. I've had this displayed but it is time to go."

Possibly given away as Christmas or party gifts.
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Dimensions 18.25x12.25