HC&M: Holgate #1512 "Puzzle Post"

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Name Holgate #1512 "Puzzle Post"

Catalog ID HCM4511
Year circa 1947
Description Red base and keyed shaft with five colored rings of different shapes, four of which have keyways to match the shaft, forcing you to turn them 90 degrees when removing them. The yellow (square) ring is simply oversized to fit over the keys, and is likely not original, though could be period Holgate.

Yellow type 4c decal (dt4c) at the top of the shaft.

This is covered by US Patent 2,399,566, assigned to Cappel MacDonald (Teach-A-Tot Toys), and was made for that brand in an unknown relationship, in 1947, as #77 "Twist-N-Turn".
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Dimensions 4.5x4.5x8.5