HC&M: Holgate #638 Auto Convoy Trailer (#3)

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Name Holgate #638 Auto Convoy Trailer (#3)

Catalog ID HCM2521
Year circa 1943-1948
Description Four-piece set (Cab, trailer, roadster, coupe). 60% complete yellow Holgate "MADE IN U.S.A." decal (dt4c) on hood of coupe only. Only one green person present (7 missing). Trailer peg missing. Metal hubs on all but roadster. Headlights and other detail painted on: Cab is red with pullstring and red ball, coupe is blue, roadster is blue with red headlights. Trailer uses simple loop at rear to hold the cars (by the spare tire).

Wide trailer, sized for chains, but didn't use chains.
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Dimensions 12.5x6x5.5