HC&M: Holgate #52 "Freight Lighter", with cargo

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Name Holgate #52 "Freight Lighter", with cargo

Catalog ID HCM6090
Year circa 1934
Description A large Holgate boat, with six (three black, three red) hogsheads. Each barrel is hand-painted, with a steel eye at the top.

Similar to Holgate #52 "Freight Lighter", but this has not only the hogsheads, but the roof, although the front is chipped off. This one is likely later, with a thinner bow, but not as late as the 1935 version, which has a multi-level deck. The port side of the bow railing is chipped off.

The bottom was painted green, but is heavily worn. The deck was painted yellow, and is somewhat worn. The capstans appear similar to the 1940s-era common parts. There is no indication of a decal or other identification anywhere.
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Dimensions 15.75x5.875x4.5