HC&M: Holgate #308 "Junior Squares Wagon"

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Name Holgate #308 "Junior Squares Wagon"

Catalog ID HCM6031
Year circa 1951
Description A small wagon with six square Junior Blocks. Yellow-stained wheels with steel axles. Yellow woven pull-cord, missing ball. The six blocks are two of each of red, blue, and yellow. The wagon is screen-printed with a railroad theme, with a freight train on one side, and a circus train on the other. The front of a locomotive is on the front, and the rear of a caboose on the back.

Found only in the 1951 catalog, this was the only Junior Blocks wagon in the catalog that year, and the last of the classic screen-print styling, with the Junior Blocks wagon in 1952 having the "h" logo and three-color paint job.
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Dimensions 11.625x4x4.5