HC&M: Holgate #486 "Nested Blocks", Type 1, early

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Name Holgate #486 "Nested Blocks", Type 1, early

Catalog ID HCM5987
Year circa 1932-1934
Description Set of six nested (nesting) blocks, in 6 primary colors. Largest is 4 7/8" square by 4 15/16" tall, and has an intact Type 2 decal (dt2) on the bottom. Smallest is 2 5/8" square by 3 15/16" tall.

The yellow box has the base replaced with cardboard, making it all the rest appear to sit lower than the orange and red when nested. Other bases are poorly aligned, and some have old cellophane tape repairs.

The sides are very slightly thicker than those on Holgate #486 "Nested Blocks", Type 1. Measuring all six sides together shows it to be 1/32" thicker in total.
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Dimensions 4.875x4.94