HC&M: Holgate #705 "Treasure Keg"

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Name Holgate #705 "Treasure Keg"

Catalog ID HCM5727
Year circa 1934-1935
Description Known as the "Treasure Keg" in the 1934 and 1935 catalogs, and "Play Keg" in 1936, this keg is made from four heavily curved staves, carved on the outside to appear as 5 each (20 total). There is some worn paint, some cellophane tape marks (tape remains on the bottom), and some dings, but overall very good condition. The colored and shaped pegs are complete, and most are in excellent condition. The purple and green show some wear and paint loss.

There is a Type 3 decal on the front center, with a spot of loss to the center, and a very small loss to the edge.

Triangle (yellow and green)
Circle (red and orange)
rectangle (blue and purple)

This toy can be seen being hand-painted in "National Geographic", July, 1935, although it's red instead of green.

Interestingly, all the catalog entries show a square peg, not a rectangle, and the knobs appear to be gold, not the same as the lid (green, in this case).
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Dimensions 5.25x8