HC&M: Holgate #255 "Derrick Freight Boat", Type II

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Name Holgate #255 "Derrick Freight Boat", Type II

Catalog ID HCM5618
Year circa 1942
Description A #255 Derrick Freight Boat, as seen in "Holgate Toys of Today". Green angular hull, painted green on sides and bottom. Dark hardwood railing nailed all the way around. Black capstans. Yellow structure, with "HOLGATE" on each side, and "255" on each end.

The "G" used on the "HOLGATE" markings has a distinctive shape, which is seen on wartime toys, such as Holgate #12 "War Train?", possibly dating this to the same era. A #255 Derick Freight Boat appears in the 1942 price list, but the one shown in the 1941 catalog (Type I) is significantly different.
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Dimensions 10x3.5x4.5