HC&M: Holgate #614 "Rollaboat"

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Name Holgate #614 "Rollaboat"

Catalog ID HCM5506
Year circa 1938
Description Boat pull-toy with six pegs, small green wheels with steel axles, a tri-color pull-string, with red ball, and a type 4b decal (dt4b) on the stern. Unusually, the bottom of the boat is painted. The bottom edge is also rounded over, while the top edge is square. The "deck" is sealed, but unpainted. The boat has two each of the following pegs:
red (1 3/8" dia x 1" high)
blue (3/4" dia x 2 1/4" high)
yellow (3/8" dia x 4" high; one has break and crude repair)
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Dimensions 10x3.5x4.5