HC&M: Holgate #11 "Old Woman in Shoe", with partial box

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Name Holgate #11 "Old Woman in Shoe", with partial box

Catalog ID HCM5465
Year circa 1933
Description Early Old Woman who lived in a Shoe toy, with partial box. Toy is a different design than shown in the known catalogs (1934 and later). The shoe is oddly angled, with a top that only fits one way. There is a chimney on the top. The top of the wall is missing above the missing door on the back (two brass hinges are present). There is also a missing piece on the top of one side of the lacing holes. The laces are also missing. The Old Woman is present, along with eight of the twelve children. One child has a broken base. The paint is worn on all. These are the early, turned and hand-painted figures, as in the other early-1930s play-sets.

No decal found on the shoe. A pull string with tightly-wound 3-strand Z-twist yellow cord and a small blue ball was included, but its association is suspect.

The box is two-piece thin brown card, with a red-on-white label on top. The side of the lid has a "MADE IN AMERICA | BY AMERICAN WORKMEN" sticker (hlt3).
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