HC&M: Holgate #1082 "Bingo Bed", Type I

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Name Holgate #1082 "Bingo Bed", Type I

Catalog ID HCM5434
Year circa 1932-1935
Description This is the original form of the Bingo Bed, as seen in "The Holgate Play Year" (1934 catalog). The legs are formed by semi-circular cutouts, instead of the shallow cutouts used later. The mallet is barrel-shaped. The two end pieces appear to be dark walnut, while the center is a yellow wood (maple?), stamped at one end, "U.S. PAT. NO. 1848598". The other known example of this form has the same stamp, but with "HOLGATE TOYS" below it, as were some later Bingo Beds.

Originally came with a special ninth peg for driving the other pegs all the way out, which is missing. See Holgate #1082 Bingo Bed, mint, in colored box, with manual which is complete with the later style of this peg.
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Dimensions 10.875x5x6