HC&M: Holgate #2040 "African Pull Zoo Animals", incomplete

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Name Holgate #2040 "African Pull Zoo Animals", incomplete

Catalog ID HCM5429
Year circa 1934-1935
Description Originally consisting of a set of six (lion, giraffe, camel, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, and zebra), these are two-dimensional, cut from plywood, hand-painted animals, set in a green base. There are hooks and eyes, so they can be connected in series. There is a type 3 (dt3) decal on the base of the lion. The zebra and rhinoceros are also present. The zebra is missing its hook (at the back).

The lion's tail is broken off. The zebra's tail has a significant chip missing. Other minor chips and some light scribbling.

The base of the lion is different wood from the other two, which are lighter and softer.
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Dimensions 6x6