HC&M: Holgate #H1200 "Noah's Ark"

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Name Holgate #H1200 "Noah's Ark"

Catalog ID HCM5422
Year circa 1958-1959
Description Considerably smaller than Holgate #2620 "Noah's Ark" from a decade earlier, this ark mostly comprised of plywood, with a fiberboard deck. The bow, stern, wheels and internal structural pieces are solid wood.

The Animals are very small, colorful, and are made of pressed wood, very unlike the typical Holgate products. Even Noah and his wife appear to be in 19th C. dress, and leads me to wonder if they were even originally designed as Noah and his wife, or not.

Yellow wheels with steel axles with large hubs. Woven yellow pull-string, with green wooden ball. Ark is assembled with shiny round-headed nails.

This ark does not exactly match the Ark in the catalog, having a slightly different painted design, but the same general layout.

Passengers consist of (20 animals, 2 humans):
Noah & wife
Hen & Rooster
Elephants (2)
Horses (2)
Goats (2)
Sheep (2)
Giraffes (2)
Camels (2)
Cows (2)
Dogs (2)
Bunnies (2)

Note: comparisons to the catalog have been done with the 1959 catalog, after the acquisition by Playskool. I believe this also shows up in the 1958 catalog, as #1200, but need to verify.
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Dimensions 14.5x6.5x6.5