HC&M: Holgate #1942 "Anniversary Wagon Blocks" (colored), wartime

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Name Holgate #1942 "Anniversary Wagon Blocks" (colored), wartime

Catalog ID HCM5379
Year circa 1942-1943
Description Similar to Holgate #1942 "Anniversary Wagon Blocks" (colored), this wagon, as seen in the 1942 and 1943 catalogs, has the same design as the 1940-1941 wagons, but is not reverse-printed (the figures themselves are printed, not the background). Also, the axles are wooden, instead of steel.

34 of the original 42 blocks are present:
2 Doublongs (yellow)
7 Oblongs (red, 1 missing)
7 Squares (yellow, 3 missing)
4 Triangles (blue)
1 Column (yellow, 3 missing)
3 Pillars (red, 1 missing)
4 Panels (blue)
2 Double Panels (red)
2 Gothic Arches (blue)
2 Half Circles (red)

Two spurious blocks are present: The first is an oblong, though smaller than an Anniversary Oblong, with bricks silkscreened on one side, and hand-drawn with pencil on the other. The second is a rough, thin, irregular-shaped pentagon.

Note that this set is properly numbered "19/42W" (the wagon with plain blocks was "17/42W"). This numbering has been simplified in the title of this listing for technical reasons. The numbering was simplified to "1942" in 1948.
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