HC&M: Holgate #1082 "Bingo Bed", plain, with two mallets

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Name Holgate #1082 "Bingo Bed", plain, with two mallets

Catalog ID HCM5359
Year circa 1938
Description Like Holgate #1082 "Bingo Bed", plain, with red and yellow mallet, only the pegs are painted, and it's stamped "U.S. PAT. NO. 1848598". However, just below that, it's faintly stamped, in ink, "HOLGATE".

Also came with a small green-handled mallet with a barrel-shaped head, similar to the earliest mallets. I'm keeping them together, but don't believe this second mallet belongs with it.

Only 3 1/2" of the mallet handle is painted, less than on most.
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